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  1. For the guys that are already in schoolcar, does any one remember when they got their first paycheck? Was it two weeks from the day you started?
  2. Sworn in today. List #97x. Good luck to all. See you guys July 22 😁
  3. to be placed on hold for sleep apnea does your neck have to be over 17 inches AND your BMI over 35 or does it have to be only one of those things. For example if your BMI is over 35 but neck size is less than 17 would you be put on hold?
  4. Michelle Rivera-Vargas @ nyct.com July 22nd. Hope to be in there with you Thank you. Best of luck to you as well
  5. Just got my email to go in for medical June 17. List #97x
  6. Does any one know if we would have to get paper work on all arrests including cases that were dismissed? Or do we have to just write everything down on the paperwork?
  7. Lol best believe I am. My wife is starting to get mad because of how often I check my email 😂😂
  8. Congrats everyone. Future, Did they by any chance mention how many more spots they have open for the June class?
  9. Sure I’ll post here as soon as I get the email but I suspect it may take a little while. I went May 20th. I highly doubt it would be for the June class
  10. Just in case you didnt notice, in the green box at the top of the forum, it says classes are scheduled for 6/10, 7/21 and 8/19
  11. I’m happy to see that dates for the next three classes have been made official. Good luck to all.
  12. They always call more people than they need at the moment so I’m sure the group called this month will spill over in to the next classes
  13. Went for pe today. It was confirmed that there’s a class June 9 th and there are definitely other classes coming up but dates have not yet been set
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