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  1. So the 42nd Street shuttle is getting a massive makeover now. I wonder how the renovation will go. https://new.mta.info/42StShuttle
  2. It's finished, but of all ESI stations, these were the most disappointing because of the lack of actual ESI work.
  3. That's why I like the High Entry Exit Turnstiles better. Fare evaders can't jump or duck over them.
  4. The MTA didn't extend it. Platform extension wasn't included in ESI so the platform still only fits 4-5 cars.
  5. So how long will it be predicted that the MTA finishes the elevators at Bedford Avenue and 1st Avenue stations?
  6. Anyone wanna talk about the renovations at Bedford Avenue and 1st Avenue?
  7. So, the service changes mean that Flushing Avenue on the is going to get a double renovation: a normal renovation and an ESI renovation. So I'm guessing the one-month renovation for the Church Avenue-bound platform won't be that month if it's getting an ESI renovation a couple of years later.
  8. Maybe Gun Hill Road is getting both elevator installation and a regular station renovation, because Flushing Avenue and Winthrop Street are being renovated and they haven't been confirmed in receiving elevators.
  9. [STATION IMPROVEMENTS] Effective 12:01 AM Monday, Mar 4 until April 1 - Church Av-bound trains will skip Flushing Avenue [STATION REHABILITATION] Effective 5 AM Monday, Mar 11 until July 2019 - Flatbush Av-bound and trains will skip Winthrop Street [STATION REHABILITATION] Effective 10 PM Friday, Mar 1 until September 2019 - Dyre Av-bound trains will skip Gun Hill Road
  10. So... MTA is closing one platform each at Flushing Avenue , Winthrop Street , and Gun Hill Road http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/servNotices_G_train_SkippingFlushingAv.htm http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/servNotices_2_5_Trains_Skip_WinthropSt.htm http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/servNotices_5 Train_skipping_GunHillRd.htm
  11. Are the R42's headed to their final destination or being transferred to another line?
  12. Woodhaven Boulevard would be the easiest to renovate, since the IND built the station to probably be converted into an express station later on originally for the proposed Rockaway Beach Branch.
  13. Maybe a cross-platform walkway over the center tracks, similar to the 42nd Street Shuttle.
  14. Question: What is the MTA doing with the middle platform, according to this video by L Train Productions TM?
  15. Probably the plan to extend the to Springfield Boulevard via Hillside Avenue is also feasible
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