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  1. What was told to me today was just the Jan 7 class, she didn't mention anything past that.
  2. I'm not sure about that cause she didn't mention what numbers they're up to.
  3. Yes that's what was told to us today
  4. 1st P/E today was not so bad, I was in by 7:10 and out by 11:15. Next class Jan 7 and 56 people for that class to be hired. List 16xx
  5. You're right it does help, I have read from beginning up to now and it gives a lot of hope. I become more excited for those that have already started the class and wish them the best outcome. Congratulations to all in advance.
  6. Same here list 16xx p/e Friday, I'm so ready for this process.
  7. My numb also 16xx and I go in 11/30 for p/e. I believe everyone has train operator (yard), after you complete a certain amount of road hours I think like 231, it become train operator road
  8. My letter came yesterday didn't check the mail til today and have a pre em date for November 30. Just a little nervous, I been working for the city for 13yrs and trying to figure if I want to start over. The pay is pushing me to go for it just want to make the right decision.
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