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  1. Every time I got called for P/E the first thing would be the phone call, email, and then the letter. But you never know. 15XX
  2. Thank God they're even doing a class, one is better than none!
  3. Looks like we have quite the wait ahead of us 😞 https://www.dropbox.com/s/oysl1gwp7cqw7k7/IMG_3073.jpg?dl=0 Another member posted this, thanks Will-Bx-718
  4. Hey everyone, I was going through the threads and I saw someone saying that the MTA won't be hiring for C/R and T/O positions for the rest of the year. Can anyone else confirm this?
  5. This list expires in 2022 right? I'm 15XX, anyone think they'll make it to my number?
  6. The last time I was called it was weeks after the certification expired, so I'm guessing they can still make the call. Mines expired on the 6th this month. But you're right it's been too quiet on the thread. List number 15XX
  7. Yeah, I noticed the vacancies have dropped considerably since last year this time. Hopefully they keep it moving, right now it's slowly but surely. At least it's some kind of movement... right?
  8. I just saw my name pop up on the certification list 12/6/19. I'm guessing I'll be taking my third (and hopefully final) PE soon. Anyone else check the list? https://data.cityofnewyork.us/widgets/a9md-ynri
  9. I'm right there with you, hopefully by next spring they'll start calling again. Happy holidays everyone! 15XX
  10. Hey guys, can anyone tell if the hire slowdown is due to the current contract negotiations or something else.
  11. Thanks for the update kev2112. The thread has been dead lately. I'm right there with you. Last year this time the thread was buzzing.
  12. Not to interrupt, but shouldn't this conversation be in the Schoolcar Experience thread?
  13. Anyone hear anything new about upcoming classes?
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