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  1. This is ridiculous...like its making ger a panic attack...I tried to do a sleep study before but the insurance I have will only allow them to mail me the machine then I have to mail it back to them then they notify me of results...I think its going to take too long
  2. So I just left the medical...they put me on medical hold for a sleep study...how long do I have to get this in order????
  3. No of course they drug tested me lol...I'm saying when I go Wednesday for the medical they r gonna drug test me again...
  4. Well this would be my 2nd drug test on Wednesday...also gotta go hearing, visual and EKG
  5. Yes 7612...no date bc I have to pass now the phase 2 medical...hearing and vision
  6. I got called today and my medical is on Wednesday
  7. Hey guys and gals! I just received the email to go down to Livingston st on Wednesday for phase 2 of the medical!!
  8. But on the letter I received it says just passenger endorsement...I understand I'm going to need all 3 obviously but for the 1st step at Livingston st. I was wondering if I just need passenger for Monday
  9. Hey...I'm going to dmv on Thurs after work...I just have to take the passenger test for right now? Not the general knowledge or air brakes? My appointment for Livingston st. is on Monday
  10. Do I have to take the general knowledge to take the passenger endorsement? Or am I able to just take passenger endorsement for now?
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