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  1. I’m right there with you in regards to the confusion. I work for the city as well and thought the same thing. However, when I spoke to a friend of mine who works in recruitment for another city agency she broke down the city’s shady business. To my knowledge 3n1 It is usually for hiring pools and promotions. Although, some agencies use this to reject people “by the book.” I highly doubt it’s random when the use this rule.... its unfortunate, however, some people can fight it if they know the right avenues.....
  2. I believe the guy you’re speaking of received a 3n1 rule letter. Which is really not good news. Invitations to medicals usually come in the form of a phone call or email. If your paperwork is in order and your history (truthfully) and drug test is clean then you should be getting the invite soon.
  3. Did my second p/e today. Got on the line outside around 0630. We were allowed in the building around 0700 and I was out by 1030. List number 15**
  4. Just got 2 emails, 2 calls and a text for 2nd PE. 6/27. List number 15**
  5. Thanks for the info. The updated notice of result just was reworded stating that my name was inserted onto the list. I believe this is because many candidates such as myself inquired about being given a list number plus .50. For example if the list was established and you won an appeal at a later date then your list number could’ve been 200. But because someone else got that number they inserted you onto the list giving you a 200.50 list number.
  6. Did you hear anything back since that day? I just received an updated notice of result letter today and I was wondering the process.
  7. Thank you so much. On your second p/e did you have to fill out the application again or just give in the “homework”?
  8. For those who took multiple p/e’s, were you contacted for the second p/e by mail like the first?
  9. For those who took multiple p/e’s, were you contacted by mail like the first p/e?
  10. It really doesn’t matter how well you did on the exam. If during pre-employment, they find something unfavorable in your paperwork they will disqualify you and use that rule to justify their determination. By unfavorable, I mean you owe tickets, a bad driving record, certain instances of termination from employment or city employment. Most of all dishonesty. Transit will hire people with a criminal past but will not deal with liars. If you are squeaky clean then yes, get a lawyer. Do you have a feeling why they may have disqualified you?
  11. Look up the 1n 3 rule in civil service law. Usually agencies use this rule as an excuse in not selecting you. Did you get a letter of disqualification?
  12. I am hearing very conflicting statements regarding the drug tests... Some are saying the drug tests expire 30 days and some are saying 90 days. I am reading the p/e paperwork expires in 90 days as well. Can someone give me accurate information in regards to overall p/e expirations please????
  13. Being that our list numbers are in close range, please post when you get any new notices for p/e or medical. I will be sure to do the same..
  14. I couldn’t agree with you more. I was the lady freezing in front of you on Wednesday. I chalked it up as getting there early to secure a seat being that the place had many people standing up filling out paperwork..... I’m assuming there’s a method to the reason they are calling us in the mid to late 1000s so early in the game. I definitely see another p/e in the future.
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