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  1. I been seeing a lot of people getting calls and going through the process .. happy for you guys my number is 12XX can’t anyone kind of give me a sense of direction or idea on when i can expect a call... seems like a forever wait
  2. Thanks for that information my brother .. idk about soon my list number is 12XX hopefully soon tho
  3. So they are up to the 7XXs?? Anyone know for sure what number they might be up I read someone got a letter from the 7xxs? I called the employment center they said they only up to 486 so I’m confused ..
  4. I called the MTA employment center this morning and spoke with a gentleman and he kindly told me they were up to number 4xx in the hiring process for exam number 7612 so let’s just hope they continue to move up the list in hiring faster and stronger goodluck to all
  5. My question is if they have another bus operator exam coming out feb 8 and haven’t even contacted some of us ?? Where does that leave us are we going to still be considered ??
  6. What does a outstanding certification mean? That what it says I have when I call dcas and they don’t even tell you what number they are up too ..
  7. Yeah I want to know the same thing as well .. every time I call the dcas number and follow the steps to see what’s going on the number hangs up on me
  8. Wow that’s crazy because my list number is 1,2xx I haven’t received anything I check my email everyday
  9. Someone said they are up list number 875 is that true??
  10. Does anybody know what list number they are up to from exam 7612
  11. So my list number is 12** for b/o exam 7612 I got the email to go get my Cdl license and i got my cdl permit already so will I be getting called soon or do I have a long wait anyone can give me a ball park idea??

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