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  1. Can you guys refresh my memory on how to pay for your cdl road test without scheduling it? My fiancé just qualified and I can’t remember how to do it. Thanks so much!!
  2. Congratulations!! See you tomorrow!!
  3. I almost passed that 8A exit too. So be mindful that as soon as u see that “ red” house get ready to exit. Only by the grace if God that I caught it. I crossed the zebra lines to make it. I thought he was going to fail me for it.
  4. Let me know how it goes! I look forward to seeing you both on Tuesday! Practice ur offset on the opposite side, incase you get the same Examiners that I had today. He also tries to get you out of your chair before the Air Break System check is completed and outside before u pre-trip the interior.
  5. Passed my road test today!! JGL here I come 👍🏻
  6. Day 7 is up to your Superintendent. There is no specific streets, but it’s not as hard as day 6. If you have passed 6, relax, you got this!
  7. Thank You!! What Depot did you get?
  8. BBSALS are Break Drum Break Linings Spring Mount Air Bag Leaf Springs Shock Absorbers BBS are Break Chamber Break Hose Slack Adjudters Triple S-U Steering Box Steering Rod Steering Linkage U Bolts D is Drive Shaft u must know the whole under Carriage and what to look for for each part. Such as properly mounted, all hardware present and tight. Different things for different parts of the under carriage. Also must know engine parts, Hydraulic compartment & Coolant Surge System. It sounds like a lot but Once u see it and study it’s easy. My road test is Friday and I got Jackie Gleason Depot 👍🏻
  9. Great news! Congratulations!! We’ll be Permit training Monday at Eastchester. Day 2. Hoping to get road tested later in the week. Study the pre trip! BbSAL, BBS, Triple S-U. U can’t advance without passing that part of the road test. It’s a lot to know. See you soon 😊
  10. So true! The MTA Gods were smiling down on us!
  11. Day 7 is at the discretion of your Superintendent.
  12. I Qualified for day 7!! How about you?
  13. I got it twice today too! Learned the hook turn today. Super easy. I am not thrilled with my eval for the day but it definitely lets me know where I need to improve. I am super happy with Sup. Langston. He’s fantastic. Super knowledgeable and very cool. Easy to talk to him which is important.
  14. You can bring in a regular money order. I did and it was fine.
  15. Thank You. I really appreciate the information 😊
  16. The pre-employment is the drug test. Then they can call you anywhere from 3-90 days from then for medical. After you pass medical they assign you to the 7-10 day training. After you pass that you get assigned to a depot for line training.
  17. Does anyone live in Staten Island and want to car pool? I’m driving in. Leaving at 4:30 am
  18. Congratulations!! See you on Monday!
  19. Thankfully I have a very understanding boss and PTO to use. I am praying that I pass the first 10 days. Thing is after u pass u must resign from your job. No 2 week notice. I hate doing that to my coworkers but there’s no choice.
  20. I Start Monday!! So nervous and excited!! Good luck everyone! Thanks for all the info and updates and I hope to see you all on the road and rails soon😊
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