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  1. When does one get the study material for school car? On day one orientation or on the 2nd day at the school?
  2. Yes, I know, I am on the website, the green paper does not specify which kind of boots one needs. It just provides the link and the instructions.
  3. Anyone know the boots or shoes needed for T/O off the web-page provided for training ?
  4. Is there a reason you were given a sleep test?
  5. So of you pass medical, does one get sworn in that same day or does one have to come back for orientation. Reason I ask is because I want to give my current employer enough time for my notice.
  6. Received email for medical this morning. 7/25. Being considered for next month’s class.
  7. What are they looking for in the medical exam?
  8. 116x here, no email or phone yet.
  9. Can you send me that link please
  10. List number 116X, nothing yet for medical. I did 2nd PE on 6/5/19. Hope this helps others.
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