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  1. Hello All, Now that the MTA has an approved Capital Plan, I have noticed that there was a certification with 12 vacanies on 10/18/19. In need of answers.... Because I was called to a pool back in January 2019, was interviewed once, given a CPD package to complete for if I am called back. I never received any additional communication regarding this position. I called the DCAS exam status line and was told I am no longer on the list. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. So do the first people eventually get called in for final processing??? Also, question regarding benefits once appointed do you get a metrocard to use for travel to work? Asking because I just accepted a provisional position (waiting for that list to be established with a city agency, which pays only slightly more but the metrocard benefit would make it about even. Also could I transfer time to shorten the 1 year probation? Any incite would be appreciated.
  3. I noticed another certification has been done as of 2/12/19 based on opendata. What does mean for people called in on the first certification? Has anybody actually been appointed yet? Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. Hello All, I hope we all one step closer, I noticed the list has us all certified. Request date of 12/5/18 and Cert Date of 12/7/18. So should we be expected letters this week call us on to replace provisional? Suggestion from anybody that has gone thru this process before??? Kidson
  5. i received the Notice of Result in today's mail. it states "This list was established effective 11/14/18".
  6. Hello All, Hiring list is Finally available on the Chief Website and probably in the friday print edition results were not on open data. Good Luck all.
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