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  1. 14xx here, got called for 2nd PE on Monday June 24th. Hopefully get hired for any fall classes if they have!
  2. Also got invited for the May 16th open house. I applied in February? I know it was a couple months ago. Guess we'll be taking the cognitive exam that day.
  3. Ahhh words of hope!! I'm excited again! Lol looking forward to it. So close but yet so far away. Can't wait to hear of new classes being scheduled!
  4. What is it about this new contract that's making so many people retire?
  5. For pre employment? They're around 1800 at the moment, so hopefully soon! Also happy new year everyone, list 14xx waiting on that medical e-mail to really enjoy my 2019!
  6. So is mine lol. Awaiting medical e-mail right there with you! When do you estimate they'll get to our number? March?
  7. I got here around 6:30 this morning. About 25 people in front of me. I think lab got backed up cause it was about a 2 hour wait actually sitting inside the laboratory. Finished drug test at 1. There's still a LOT of people waiting.
  8. List number 14xx. Currently sitting at 180 Livingston Street for my first pre-employment. Got here around 6:30 this morning and there was already a line. Get here as early as possible!
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