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  1. You get paid for everything you do in transit after you get sworn in lol
  2. Its not 3 days of classes lol those days you gonna fill out paperwork, get an introduction to the job. After that you should be reporting to school.
  3. Theres another class that started after mine in like dec 30th
  4. Lmao about 2 weeks if u dont hear from that then you prolly goin have to take another drug test like me
  5. Idk how to explain that, you help with maintenance on it best way i can tell you, youll find out more if you get in that dept; as a helper you just help the maintainer
  6. Dang dude we couldve been together haha, hope you get in man best of luck!!
  7. Oh i did it twice they didnt get back within the 90 days it expires lol, im in signals i got first selected for was for elevators and escalators.
  8. Your first or second? I went to one in june and then the second one several months later due to a short hiring freeze
  9. Damm bro im already in class is aboutta end they said theres 34 starting for the december class when we end and another 20 something in January. I think they already filled the december slot.
  10. Howd it go bro? They did things a lil different today also livingston was packed today
  11. No call just a paper letter in the mail last week
  12. Word see you there and hopefully bro i been ready lol, Im taking that with me considering I been filled it out!
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