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  1. So a buddy of mines called and they said theyre going to hire 25 more people from list 360-385 for the upcoming fall class and possibly more Oct-Dec
  2. Whats your list by any chance if you dont mind sharing ?
  3. Within the 90s im also in the 400s but i have another friend whos a provisional TEH for signals and he said someone from our exam in the 400s started in january for signals as well so idk whats happening
  4. My friend had his medical yesterday and they changed him to signals he was suppose to be e&e
  5. You took an eye exam and breathing exam what was on medical bro?
  6. They didnt even say lol but i hope we in by summer or hear something
  7. Yeah one of those test instructors i asked her.. who knows i doubt anyone really knows besides guys in livingston, my friend from dsny said dsny having a freeze after the class in april who knows it may be a citywide thing
  8. According to the staff they said “to get it outta the earlier” lmao
  9. Still nothing i took another exam and was asking questions supposedly they said theres no freeze they just gotta certify our exam and get back to us 1-2 years the person said lmao

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