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  1. I call every month & get all different types of stories. They extended the old list as previously mentioned. So, I heard we will be getting our results this month, in January, or in June. To be honest they probably don't even know exactly when.
  2. The previous list was extended. Not sure if it will be another year. And how do I know? I called the MTA employment number & was told that.
  3. Go online & Google it. The old list was established on July 2015. So July 2019 makes 4 yrs. But they can always extend it longer at the agency discretion.
  4. Same with me. Hopefully, we both make it. Remember, this is a small dept within Transit. So, they don't hire very frequently.
  5. How many did you get wrong? The new list are always established; once the old list has been exhausted & expires.
  6. Transit will establish the list when they're ready. Once, the list is established & (scores + list #'s are send out by mail). Then, the hiring process begins. I believe this will happen soon enough.
  7. It goes by test score. The higher the score, the lower the list #, the faster someone gets called.
  8. Plenty of candidates have the same scores on the list. They have many ways of breaking ties. For instance, it can be who filed first or the last 4 digits of your SS #. Did you check to see how many answers you had wrong on the TPPA exam?
  9. No resume or cover letter. Took an examination. Although I heard, Transit does do that sometimes with openings but not frequently.
  11. That is very good. Not sure what your list # will be. It depends on how many others took the exam & did well also.
  12. Congratulations, that is very good. You're looking at mid-late 90's.
  13. Btw, the list was not even established yet. And the official results were not send out yet either.
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