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  1. That is very good. Not sure what your list # will be. It depends on how many others took the exam & did well also.
  2. Congratulations, that is very good. You're looking at mid-late 90's.
  3. Btw, the list was not even established yet. And the official results were not send out yet either.
  4. Everyone who gotten 10 wrong or less please post.
  5. Are you on the Transit Property Protection Agent list from 2015?
  6. Congrats, your looking at mid-early 90's. No notice of results were mail yet either. Nor, did they establish the list. Hopefully, sometime this year that will all change for us waiting.
  7. This a MTA Transit Property Protection Agent forum not MTA Collecting Agent.
  8. You took the Transit Property Protection Agent exam a few months ago? Did you check your answers online? How many did you get wrong?
  9. After that list expires our list goes in to effect. We will receive our notice of results card in the mail when they establish the list. Good luck to everyone!!
  10. From my understanding the current TPPA OC list will expire on July 2019. However, if Transit decides to extend it another year; then it will go into 2020. Anyone else checked their answers online?
  11. You're looking at a score of mid 70's. Although, a 70 is a passing mark. It will most likely not get the job done.
  12. I took the exam. It wasn't hard but tricky. I checked my answers online & got 11 incorrect out of 80. I am looking at a score of late 80's. How about anyone else?

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