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  1. As I mentioned earlier TAKE 2 COPIES of each booklet. I was out of my class before lunch. You'll have all day to get started studying.
  2. At the overview, try to grab an extra copy of both the signals and definitions. You can make your flashcards from one set and keep the other set with you in a book bag or something.
  3. You guys are making me feel like a relic. I'm 51 and this is my only shot at this. Alberto, you can reapply in a year. Don't give up. Old or not, I still have to work into my 70's due to terrible 401k options available in my past and NO pension. Where I work now or on the railroad - makes no difference - I still have to be at the top of my game.
  4. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop myself. I couldn't get a read on the interview. I felt great going in because I passed the S&D. I left doubting myself and beating myself up for not knowing more about train operations.
  5. The one above is a special schedule for Saturdays. This is the regular one until March 8: http://web.mta.info/lirr/Timetable/Branch/HillsideBolandLIRREmployee.pdf
  6. Here is a link to the Hillside schedule: http://web.mta.info/lirr/Timetable/SpecialTT/Nassau_MLX-W-GO505-HI.pdf
  7. TAKE THE TRAIN! Don't screw around with parking. You may not find anything close. If you're late - you're out.
  8. Is there anyone else here that is waiting to be called for Phase One?
  9. Has anyone been notified of January's Phase One yet?
  10. Can you please explain what you mean by an additional 11 training days?
  11. The other day I was waiting on a station platform and I could see a signal in the distance. It was green over red. I thought to myself, "hey, I know what that means - Clear, proceed - Easy peasy." Then it changed to yellow over red. I thought to myself, "I know what that means too - Restr...wait no..uh. Hold on a sec...APPROACH. Dammit!" Gotta hit the books. I haven't looked at them since August. Time for a review. I still haven't heard anything on the next Phase 1 class. Starting to get a little anxious about that.
  12. This hiatus between the interview and Phase 1 notification is killing me. How much notification do you get before Phase 1 begins? Congratulations on starting Phase 2 tomorrow. Good luck, Trainee.
  13. So far in my experience: June 3 - Open House July 13 - S&D Overview August 17 - S&D Exam September 19 - Notification that I passed and interview scheduled October 2 - Interview December 7 - still waiting for any official word on the next step of the process...
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