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  1. Has anyone been called recently to come down to Livingston st?
  2. I was on medical hold due to sleep apnea. It took a few months by the time I found a dr, did the sleep test, insurance paid for the machine and then for me to get a 30 day evaluation. Took about 3.5 months. I was removed from the list. I sent a letter to get placed back on the list. They put me back on the list and I called a manager to ask if I should bring my medical hold paperwork in and they said it was over 3 months you have to do it all again wait till they call you. I'm 5xx and they are calling people again what do I do if I'm not getting called?
  3. Any know about the cpap results. I was put on hold I finally got the machine. On the machine it says days used Day 1 Day 7 Day 30. They want you to use the machine at least 4 hours a night. My 30 day average is over 5 hours but I only used it 3 weeks do I need to use it more then 30 days or my average is good enough now?
  4. I was put on medical hold till I fix this sleep apnea thing.. I have to wait till the 30 days of testing before I can go back and finish my paper work? Any had this?
  5. I have to go downtown Wednesday... Number 5xx... How long does it normally take for app and drug test? I went in Nov and it was 14 hrs....
  6. anything new , upcoming classes anyone called ?
  7. Hey.. My score is 6,100 range, They are up to 5700. But I didn't get called for the physical yet??? Friends of mine did the physical and medical way before they got called.
  8. Is there an automated number to call to see where the list number is up to?
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