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  1. Did anyone get an email on this exam 9618 recently about amendment on the exam?
  2. So if your license is clean of everything else but that one late payment caused your license to be suspended for a day, they would have a problem with that?
  3. So wait let me get this correct, they will allow no more than 4 points, no more than two accidents and one suspension which is not related to a moving violation and not even suspended a full day, they would have an issue with? That's kind of weird or strange.
  4. What if your license was suspended for one day in the past two years, for a fine you paid late?
  5. I figured being at the main office in zerega someone would've heard something.
  6. Did anyone here how fast the list is moving or how many classes their going to have for this year?
  7. Were there any issues with your prior employment? Reason why I ask is because I've never heard of transit sending out any letters like that unless there are license are ticket issues. And if so that could be resolved depending on the seriousness of it.
  8. Good evening brother erod701, sorry to here about your situation but was this letter from nyct or mapstoa?
  9. Only mta bus and mapstoa does random numbers
  10. Question? On the exam info I've noticed that an accident record can disqualify someone, what does that mean? What if the accident is minor or your not at fault. Exactly what does that mean in detail? Does anyone know?
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