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    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    What is the subject of the email they send for when its time for your medical?
  2. TOHopeFull2019

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Hi All - Went for PE yesterday morning, list number 149*. My letter actually said to go in for PE on Nov 27 but the letter got sent to my EX's house as I recently divorced and she didn't give it to me till a couple of days after. I called and told them the situation (which took over an hour to get in touch with someone there but that's another story) anyway long story short they told me I had until the 7th of December (today) to go in any morning for the PE. So I went yesterday and they didn't say much got there just before 6am was second on line. Got out around 10am wasn't to bad at all. Some people are just very nasty in that office especially the lady while taking the drug test. She got mad at me for flushing the toilet, like really!? its a habit! Anyway been following this forum and just want to say thank you to all for the information it is very helpful. Like everyone else just hoping for more classes in 2019 to get in sooner then later. All they told me was to check my email in 3-90 days. I wonder what is the highest list number that have been called for PE thus far? I think i saw someone on here in the 18**range that went for PE. I would assume they are calling us for a reason and am hopeful more classes will be added. All we can do is wait and see. Good luck to all! lets continue to keep each other informed! Have a great day!


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