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  1. List number 149x here hoping to get in that November class barring any postponements! Good luck to all, hoping many of those not on this forum defer so they continue the climb up on the list numbers. Tired of the new bs I have to put up with working remotely while taking caring of two younger kids especially now with school starting again, ugh what a mess the DOE is!
  2. No o did not that’s why I was asking to see up to what number did.
  3. I’m list number 149x but didn’t receive an email yet. At least things are moving forward. I feel like though, with my list number, the number of vacancies and the average number of people that defer I may just get I n a class or just miss out. If I do get called it would be my third pre-employment and most people after their third one get in one of the classes but with with COVID I feel like I would have to do a fourth in like another 6 months if I just miss out. Time will tell I guess. Best of luck to all. Keep us posted.
  4. Back in June 2019 when the certification list expired, I got call for my second PE about 20 days later. Sure enough they will be sending letters out to those on the list probably in the start of the new year and all that month of January. Hopefully they announce how many classes will be scheduled and the dates so we have an even better idea of how many they are looking for because the No Vacancies only says 15, but at least the ball is rolling once again! list number 149x, hoping to be in by the start of Spring!
  5. Anybody on here went in the Oct 28 class? If so, heard anything about upcoming classes? and whats your list number? My guess is they are going to wait until the next quarter which is early next year to schedule more classes, that seems to be the trend, every months or so they schedule about 3-4 classes.
  6. it was 646-663-5740 but It was an automated message so I am sure it can be any number similar to that but different too.
  7. Hi all, just thought I would update everyone, I just received a call and email to report to PE Wed. June 26. they also said should be getting a letter too. This would be my second PE. list number 149x. Hoping for either the Aug class (highly doubt it) or sometime in the fall assuming they will have more classes scheduled. fingers crossed!
  8. Same here, list number 149x. I thought they only reached up to the late 1200's for second P/Es but hope your right. haven't received anything yet either waiting patiently. I will update too once I receive something.
  9. Thanks for sending that link. I am on that certificate list too. Number 14XX, I was on the same list from 2018 when I got called in November for the first time. My P/E stuff expired back in March. So, my educated guess would be many of us will be receiving that second letter in the coming weeks. However, that doesn't mean they will get all the way to list numbers 14XX, that depends how many classes will established. At least this is a good sign of it moving forward a bit.
  10. Would someone please share with me the e-mail address of Ms. Vargas? I would like to send her an email instead of calling the place over and over and over again for an answer. Thank you in advance.
  11. Just curious, but is it safe to say no news from your first PE is good news in a sense? Meaning that there was nothing wrong with your paper work or your drug test. if that is the case i am confident they will be having classes in the next quarter which begins in March, just gonna be patient until they call or email for second PE but just curious. Anyone on here been called or emailed weeks or months later after their first PE about the initial paper work and drug testing? I took my first PE on December 6 list number 14XX
  12. I'm just waiting patiently for more classes to be approved. I have a good paying job and a rewarding one in terms of helping students but cant do OT and have two young kids and just recently got a divorce, so this job came right on time for me, but really just hope the rumors of classes till the summer of 2019 are true being that they did call up to 1800s. I would assume they did that for a reason and not to just up and freeze hiring half way through. but I have been wrong before, and don't have the best of luck. Only time will tell. Really just a waiting game for most of us rn. Nonetheless, just excited to eventually start a new chapter in my life and focus on my job and kids only going forward. Best of luck to all and again ty all for the updates. I feel like I already know what to expect in schoolcar LOL
  13. What is the subject of the email they send for when its time for your medical?
  14. Hi All - Went for PE yesterday morning, list number 149*. My letter actually said to go in for PE on Nov 27 but the letter got sent to my EX's house as I recently divorced and she didn't give it to me till a couple of days after. I called and told them the situation (which took over an hour to get in touch with someone there but that's another story) anyway long story short they told me I had until the 7th of December (today) to go in any morning for the PE. So I went yesterday and they didn't say much got there just before 6am was second on line. Got out around 10am wasn't to bad at all. Some people are just very nasty in that office especially the lady while taking the drug test. She got mad at me for flushing the toilet, like really!? its a habit! Anyway been following this forum and just want to say thank you to all for the information it is very helpful. Like everyone else just hoping for more classes in 2019 to get in sooner then later. All they told me was to check my email in 3-90 days. I wonder what is the highest list number that have been called for PE thus far? I think i saw someone on here in the 18**range that went for PE. I would assume they are calling us for a reason and am hopeful more classes will be added. All we can do is wait and see. Good luck to all! lets continue to keep each other informed! Have a great day!
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