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  1. Is that accurate info that the next class is in October?
  2. They will give you the correct one to fill out when you come in for medical.
  3. Does anyone know if we need to complete the drivers license section. Not sure if the train operator position requires this to be completed
  4. Hey nishenstein what’s your list number. And also when did you take your drug test.
  5. I know. I’m surprised mine didn’t come in yet
  6. Schecter what’s up bro I was the one you were talking to. I didn’t receive anything yet. Is the email coming from transit?
  7. bronxmike im surprised how i received the letter for the second pe and your list number is before mine. I would definitely follow up with Ms. Vargas. If thats the case i dont think they are going in numerical order.
  8. List number 13xx just received my pe letter to come in on June 10. Last pe was back in November
  9. Thank you Msmcmillan for the number. Productions27 did not want to provide the number for some apparent reason. We are all trying to get a job on this feed least you can do is look out for one another. Wasn’t asking for your spouses number Productions27i m literally on this feed trying to obtain valuable information and ask questions pertaining to the position.
  10. Do you mind sharing the contact number from mta that you received the call from so that I can store it on my contacts. Thanks
  11. Does transit contact you from a 212 or 347 area code?
  12. What area code was the phone number you received the call from
  13. Is the email that you guys received coming from Michelle Vargas or transit?
  14. Damn. If they only reached the 700 list then they are definitely not reaching my list number 1305 by February
  15. What are the class sizes if anyone knows. Is it more or less than 500 per class
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