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  1. I was hired as a MTABus operator. I passed on day 10 which was yesterday for me. Today for me was uniform fitting and listining to the TWU100 union. Tomorrow I have to go to Zerega Avenue again. However, I wanted to know what is the training schedule like from tomorrow and out? I mean, when does line training start and how long does it last? My biggest worry is trying to remember the routes. Are we allowed to keep notes to remind us where to go? Like tape it to the side somewhere so I can glance at it once awhile as reference? It looks like I'll be going to college point and any information about that depot would be appreciated. I have no idea how complicated anyof their routes can be. One other concern that I have is that i came to MTA from another city agency. I'm currently on Conditional Leave which basically means that if I do not like working for MTA during probation I can go back to my previous city job. However, I cannot simply resign from MTA. I would have to ask to be reinstated first and then resign from MTA as I cannot have a break in city service. If I resign from MTA first, I may not be able to return to my previous job. My previous city job benefits are identical to MTA but MTA benefits are a bit better. Only difference is the pay is lower and won't be going up any time soon. That is the only reason I left to be honest. If it weren't for the low pay I would probably stay their indefinitely. In the worse case scenerio, if I was to be told I was fired and was asked to resign from MTA, am I required to sign documents right away? Because I will need to be reinstated first by my last job which can take several days or a week. I'm asking this because it appears lot of people were fired on the spot from MTABus during training? My last job I was a civil servant right now I am no longer a civil servant. Which is what worries me. I do not want to jepordize both jobs. I'm using my last job as a safetly net basically. I think after I start line training I will know if this job is right for me so I want to stay here for awhile before I even consider asking to be reinstated. I think I just need more info about what to expect next from training and the college point depot.
  2. Hi, I received my letter to begin the hiring process as a part time MTA Bus Operator. I currently work for New York City and wanted to compare and learn the benefits with MTA vs my current position. My current city job is full time of 40hrs a week. It's 15/hr but after all deductions and union dues is aprox. 10/hr. I work 5 days a week from mon to sat with a rotating day off. If I'm off Tues this week, I'll be off Wed next week and then Thurs after that week etc. With this job I receive 11 holidays, 12 vacation and 9 sick days which are paid per year. I am allowed to volunteer on Sun. for vacation time, so as long as you have time you can take off as long as you desire. I currently have GHI, dental and vision. They do also offer deferred compensation up to 75% which I'm invested into the 457 plan. Both before and after tax. The only real drawback to this position is that they don't offer room for advancement. I'm at tier 6 and the pay isn't going to increase anytime soon. I receive my Class B CDL license July of 2017. I believe I have a really good chance of being hired. But what is Part Time Bus Operator? How many hrs is it? The letter says the position is 22.84/hr. But I'm worried they aren't going to give me that many hours. What kind of benefits would I receive and would they be better with MTA? The fact that it's part time is throwing me off a bit. Am I allowed to volunteer for time? Would taking a part time position with MTA lead to a full time position? Any insight would be helpful. The main concern I have for this position is learning the routes. I understand that I can be working in any borough but is it possible to ask for a desired one? Thanks.
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