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  1. Yea, that's what they tell you in schoolcar but trust if anything happens going down the road or if they call out your train for any reason they will be looking for the TO to answer not the CR. When I was posting one of my trainers told me a story of how a newbie conductor answered when RCC called out their interval he said "I thought the CR was in charge of the train??" they responded "when we call we're calling to speak to the TO. Period." This was over the radio and everyone heard it he was so embarrassed. So unless someone calls specifically for me I don't answer or allow myself to think I'm in charge of no train esp once I give over indication to the TO.
  2. Also, they will tell you in schoolcar that you're not being paid to open/close doors bcuz anyone can do that- you're being paid to 1) ensure the safety of the passengers & 2) know what to do/how to react when shit hits the fan. But TOs & CRs can/do have very productive partnerships afterall it is y'all's job to get that train from one end to the other safely. But many times in schoolcar they have insinuated the "throw them under the train" approach in order to save your job esp if you're on probation. It's sad actually.
  3. Yea, it's a myth until you get to schoolcar and they pit the CRs against the TOs and want them to pull the cord/call in every little thing they do. Then you get on thr road and gain a bad rep and no one wants to work w you.
  4. Top pay, under the current contract, is $31.63 increasing incrementally over a 6yr period. Used to be 4 then went up 5. The pension benefits are also not as good in the most current tier. Either the union is losing their touch at negotiations or Cuomo is just coming down hard af on TA.
  5. Well there's 2 classes coming up. There was the recent April class who (& ouch) all chose to be in the A division, started posting then got called back into schoolcar for retraining for the B division. Rough. Then there was my class- February. There was the December class before that. So that's 3 that I know of not including the upcoming ovbs
  6. First off, I wanna say congratz & good luck to everyone whose been called for final processing... very exciting I know! Next, I see some of you discussing the benefits of starting off as a CR then moving up to TO vs going straight for TO. Some have already pointed out a few of the pros/cons but I also wanted to throw in something else that should be considered- seniority. It is everything in transit. Seniority for CRs go up at a much more rapid pace than TOs bcuz people are always getting promoted, retiring or w/e. Whereas TOs generally stay TOs and for longer periods of time. In most cases, by the time you get called for TO you will have already gained seniority as a CR and are able to pick your own jobs/tours/RDOs. Some people like stability others like being XX, which is what you'll be if you give up being a conductor to go to TO. Back in schoolcar, back on probation & back on the bottom of the list. It'll be like starting your career all over again. Which is really the case for any title you move up to in TA but TO I think is one of the riskiest. So you will hear *a lot* "move up as quickly as possible." This a lot of times is why some people end up being a conductor 25-30 yrs. But some people are chasing the money and TOs do make more. So there's a lot to consider but you'll know what's right for you when the time comes and if it doesn't work out for w/e reason, you feel it's not right for you or you just don't like it- you can always go back to your old position.
  7. You make more now than a conductor at top pay lol why would you leave? Pension- you have to work like crazy to build it up, say goodbye to your girlfriend on thurs & fri
  8. They will send you for testing based on your weight, neck size, ekg results, questionnaire responses appear alarming. Also, it's not advised you do too much OT in your first yr... people say it increases your chances of getting in trouble. Could be superstition, could not
  9. It's not a rumor. A TSS told me today and I came here to see if there was talk about it.
  10. 30? Wow... there were 40 in my Feb. class, seems like they're slowing down a bit. My TSS said there are as of now no more scheduled classes but that it could change, all based on need. PS- 20 & 8 = 28 not 30 lol
  11. I'm in school car now and I've already worked 2 Saturdays, one of which was a road op @ night (we got back at 1am) and my first Sunday (posting) tomorrow.
  12. You will be working some Saturday's in school car so probably not. It's not a Mon-Fri type of gig. Those are usually days reserved for road ops and what not.
  13. You get 1 sick day per month so 12 in a yr. It's frowned upon to use them thou bcuz you throw off the whole system. Also, it's the first thing they look at if you want to move up.
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