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  1. I'm sure at somepoint the class will be rescheduled....We arent doing transactions in the booth right now so it definitely wouldnt be a good time to observe or learn lol Good luck to everyone on this forum...I kno how the waiting game is...I did it for years...your time will come...stay safe!
  2. A hiring freeze was put in place as of April 21, 2020.
  3. Unfortunately no booths on the island, sirr is a separate division in the mta, you will have a choice of lower Manhattan or Bayridge Brooklyn as your home station. No rule on hair color, you can have whatever color you choose as far as I know. First day of orientation is hr stuff such as paper work, general rules, and you will receive you epic pass (metro card). Second day is at the union hall, filling out paperwork and getting info on the union. Uniform fittings are usually the second week of training.
  4. When you are sworn in they will give you some reading material, you can definitely start going over the rule book.
  5. I'm sure it changed recently, I was just hired last year lol As someone who has followed this forum and waited for my turn, let me just say this ...everything as far advice and info on here is spot on
  6. Just a heads up now they ask for a money order up front for fingerprints...all the info should be in the email though
  7. Im surprised this forum is quiet...i met someone who just came out of class and they said that there are 9 more classes scheduled
  8. I think that is probably acurate, I think there have been some retirements recently. Good Luck to all!
  9. Thanks for the info...yea I'm sure it will get frustrating in the beginning...I know what I signed up for though, I'm just happy to have the opportunity and I'm excited to start...it seems fare..newbies gotta pay there dues lol
  10. Thank you for your detailed Info! I live in Staten Island so expect to do a lot of traveling lol Would Brooklyn be considered my zone? I think bayridge R line is the closest train station to the island.
  11. Thank you! How do you like it so far if you dont mind me asking?
  12. For training, if I wear a blue polo shirt the first day does it have to be tucked in? Thanks in advance guys and gals, this forum is so helpful.
  13. Does anybody know if you have to wait to after training starts to sign in on mymta portal to set up direct deposit? I have my ID #, I tried and it let me change the password, but then wouldn't let me sign in, I'm sure I probably just need to wait, I'm definitely eager and anxious to get started lol
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