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  1. Thank you hope everything turns well for you, Happy for you getting the position. take care
  2. How do you like your job? is there alot of racism and hate among coworkers?
  3. How about ppl. Ot retire and just continue working with the MTA even while their in their caskets.. too
  4. Just give up on these stupid jobs, i been applying and have taken all the test under the sun since 2012 , it is now 2019 this is just a scam. Nothing legitament about any of this, just give up .
  5. God bless you, Congratulations moving on to the next phase. Maybe God continue to walk you through.🙂
  6. I will gladly accept a provisional position, then when I’m let go, go on unemployment. Fine with me.🤣😂
  7. Lol.. I was enlightened...lol ja ja ja 😂🤣🤣
  8. I want to know if it’s Cigna if my doctor will accept it
  9. I Wonder how the provisional workers feel after their victor yn November of 2018 becoming Permanent employees now,?
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