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  1. What does the 12% denote? Is this the p/c complete of the total project or just the installation of the readers?
  2. Is this purely because of the physical layout of the line, or the nature of the equipment on the line?
  3. It will be interesting to see in the future what sort of decision we make in regards to the Museum Fleet. At what point does modification of the historic fleet come to a point where they are no longer the same car? Is it worth the cost? These are issues that need a deeper look into as the signaling system of the subway modernizes as the years unfold.
  4. Yes. The only station that was damaged was Cortlandt.
  5. I saw that all over the 7 this morning. Have to say, they are small enough not to be obtrusive but big enough to be noticed. Very Impressed!
  6. I saw the 10 car train heading south on the express track when I was at 86th today, didn't catch the numbers or destination.
  7. Do we have any updates on the M9s expected service date? LIRR's twitter said May but from what I understand, testing is still going on.
  8. Wait, I'm older than the legendary @Around the Horn? Never in a million years would've thought! (Albeit by a year 🙃)
  9. Who knows if we'll even still have planet in 50 years? Things aren't looking that hot right now 😉
  10. We are in the lands of the lowest bid. If CRRC can outbid Kawasaki, Bombardier, Siemens, Alstom, etc, then chances are they will get the bid. With that being said, situations are open to change and considering the R262s are in the early stages of planning, there is still much time for the MTA to make a decision. Nothing is even close to being set in stone with the r262
  11. Presumably retired. If we call the lifespan of a subway car about 40 years, that would mean that the R160s (now about 10 years old, scary to think 😬) would be 50-60 by then, and unless we end up with another R32 situation they will most likely be headed for the scrapyards.
  12. It was the theme song in a documentary about Ontario for the '67 Expo in Montreal, but close enough 😉. Both those shows were before my time but i'm sure it all fits!
  13. I could not agree more. The forums should be "A Place to Stand, A Place to Grow" (If anyone get's the reference it'll make my day). Before I started posting on this forums a couple of moths ago I started by reading through many of the topics I found interesting to see what the environment is like and how I cant adapt my language to fit the mould. That way, when I started posting, I would know how to not clutter a topic and not to ask questions that were previously addressed earlier in the thread. I have many personal and political opinions but they have no place on the forums. For the record I agree that the R62/As are ugly, but that does not contribute anything to the conversation. If you do give criticism, which is perfectly acceptable, please make it constructive. For example, instead of saying "CBTC doesn't make any sense," you could say "I personally do not think CBTC will be effective because it does not address the core operational issues of (insert thing here). I may be new to the forums, but that does not give me an excuse to disregard the SOPs that have been set down over the years. Just my thoughts, disregard them at will.
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