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  1. Agreed, if not the whole B division thing I think we should at least have trains going 50 or maybe above while in service considering they are technically capable of it and there are many straight stretches where it could potentially make sense
  2. Crazy idea, eliminate A division and rework all stations to at least be up to B division and upgrade tech so that trains can go 60+ on express runs =
  3. Saw an r42 at Broadway Junction about 6-7 PM today on the J
  4. I would check out amodernli.com which has most of the projects and their associated renderings for the LIRR
  5. Wait wait wait wait wait..... The BRAND NEW R179s don't have CBTC straight out of the factory? Wot?
  6. Remember when MetroCards were blue? Those were the days
  7. No worries, just wanted to point you towards a more useful thread where you could find info that better related to what you are looking for
  8. Best place to get this info is in the Transit Employment section, instead of general thoughts. Usually there are pre-established threads for each position, but If you can't find one for your position you can always make one
  9. Where do y'all think the R179s will go after the delivery of the R211s?
  10. What is the likelihood of the shorter lines getting elevated (l.b, Far Rock) to relieve road traffic? There are large traffic jams at Atlantic Avenue that take ages to clear and I just wonder if there will ever come a day where that will no longer be a reality.
  11. Thank you very much 😃
  12. That seems somewhat odd, considering there was the R110B that would've better fit the station, no?
  13. 100% Relateable. I get on at hunterspoint and even though they come like every three minutes those things are packed AF!

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