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  1. It has indeed been to rockaway park. Here’s the find.
  2. It seems it just got delivered, according to what I’m hearing. @m2fwannabe
  3. Probably send them to the J, as another push for a full length C. Although, ENY already has a lot of extra.
  4. R46s will probably start popping up more on the C as the 10 car R179s come in, and R46s will likely replace most R32s on the A and C. It’ll eventually reach a point where they have R32s sitting in the yard and trying not to run them— to prepare for scrap.
  5. By any chance could you provide that document? I searched for over an hour and couldn’t find it.
  6. Ever since R179 #3190-3197 entered service, there have been no major swaps to my knowledge. The last major swap that happened was the last R160 leaving the (C). Do you have any information about the swaps caused by #3198-3205 and #3206-3213 entering service? @m2fwannabe
  7. I believe 3222-3225 was already delivered. Meaning the 16 cars left are 3226-3229, 3230-3233, 3234-3237, and 3070-3073.
  8. Its not 318 cars — yet. Andy Byford only confirmed that the order will be extended by *at least* 2 cars, meaning it could be over 318 cars. However, 318 is looking extremely likely at the moment.
  9. Here’s a nice clip that I know lots of people wanted to see. https://youtu.be/fV31s00d2x4
  10. Transfers usually happen overnight, meaning Saturday into Sunday. Did you see the 2 R160s during the day?
  11. I’m pretty sure it is simulated stop testing. Based on what I observed from the J and C R179 simulated stop testing, it’ll be anywhere from 20 to 35 days before it enters passenger service. To be clear, I observed set 3058-3065 for the J, and 3150-3157 for the C.
  12. Actually no, MTA mentioned that there will be a 30 day passenger test for the 10 car train.
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