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  1. Fresh pond, second day of my line training!
  2. It's requirement from government. At the day 7 you will be give a booklet to answer about 15 question, those are CDL question about safety operation of commercial vehicles, it's a part of the 19A certification. Search 19A certification in Google, u will know every detail about it.
  3. It based on instructor, some push it some really not
  4. My number was 5xx and got first call at Nov 2018 for pre employ, and call for second pre employ again at April 5 2019, then got call for medical after a week and start training 3 days after medical. And for Apr 15 , 2019 training class start at about 70 student so I guess they called 100 people. And so far for day 7, about 33 passed, another 12 pass on day9. And the next class start next Monday 4/29 That's all I know hope that help, for your list number really no idea how much longer but wish you luck!
  5. Good luck bro, u can do it, we will see u at Jamaica on monday!
  6. You drive good today, I was in the same bus with you lol
  7. Class 4/15/2019 actually is quite lucky since school close for 2 week for Easter and Jewish holiday , so everywhere is quiet than usual.
  8. No idea on day 7, but was sure it wont be manhanttan, may be someplace around your training depot
  9. U drive from midtown to downtown
  10. Man supint Beard is amazing, he give no pressure and always trying to make us feel more confidence, he make people feel like he like the job not the one who only work the job for paycheck, I totally respect him so much
  11. Got assigned to Gunhill with superintendent Beard, a super nice and patient gentlemen that wont yell and scream, really glad to have him as our instructor.
  12. Thank you so much young, it helps alot.
  13. Thank you so much for the nice and clear answer!
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