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  1. My point exactly when I said everybody’s experiences are different- this is proof 😂 so hopefully No one becomes discouraged from reading another persons experience be it negative or indifferent theres always hope your situation will turn out differently while the process is the same everyone’s experience may differ from the next , I wish I could have gotten outta there at 10:30 😩 / I had to run to night school afterwards half dead 😂
  2. ....yeahhhhh... so on a lighter note, guys when they tell you to prepare to be there all day - PREPARE TO BE THERE ALL DAY 😩- i got there at 7:30am and had to wait on a line that wrapped through the whole floor After the orientation and waiting FOREVER for the lab (I had time to go get lunch for over an hour and come back, and still had to wait) I finally got out around 5:09pm. There was a wide range of Bus operators and Station agents there for pre-employment seemingly , as fast as they’re going through the list and calling ppl in - it seems like theyre in need of ppl Everyone’s experience is different - from my understanding there’s a new class every 3-4 weeks or so , so I’m in faith for everyone getting in sooner than later Anyways after completing everything , they told me to look for an email or phone call 3-90 days from now ...quite a wide range of time but again , hopefully it’ll be sooner than later - has anyone on this list gotten pass this part yet ?
  3. Who ever you spoke with was ill informed. I literally just went up there today after receiving my letter of appointment on the 18th, they told me to come back tomorrow at 7:30am for drug testing and all the other processing procedures. They’re running though this list and fast.
  4. Just for anyone wondering - my list number is in the late 800’s and I received my letter on the 18th of janurary for pre employment scheduled for January 18th 2019 - *palm to face* so Tuesday I’ll go and hopefully they don’t give me any issues being that I received my letter past my date of appointment
  5. Does anyone think this government shut down will effect MTA Funding and hiring right now ? And any idea where they are on the list?
  6. Good to see people getting appointment letters 😁! seems like they’re zooming through the 90’s scores pretty fast 🙏🏽- we’re only a few days into the year and they’re clearly on their way to the 300’s if they’re not already there - guess there is an excessive need 💪🏽- I hope everyone gets appointed soon. Ppl should have been hired permanently off this list atleast a year and a half ago
  7. Your right , I was looking at the wrong number. And yes I’ve been told they don’t call in order. Reguardless, the number of available vacancies worries me, but like I said, hopefully that’s not completely accurate
  8. I haven't received my letter yet but I know my score was 91, and I can see on NYC OPEN DATA that my lister Number is 8**, Which is confusing because I was List Number 90 on provisional, I did my pre-employment and drug testing in September and was waiting for a class . The Employment Supervisor for MTA at 180 Livingston told me the next class would be October 8th. That class was postponed and then i was told to call back every week for the next available class date. I was calling from October all the way until December constantly being told by HR every week "Sorry, there hasn't been any scheduled dates for the next Station agent Class'. Only to be told in December that there will be no more classes for provisional and that now the list has been certified and I have to wait for my new list number in the mail My Hope is that they will get to the 800's before March being that there are only 6,820 people on the list - and many who are on that list have been hired through the provisional list. but the NYC OPEN DATA list also says MTA has been approved to fill 382 Vacancies for that position, which is a bit disheartening if that's true. Hopefully, it's not. I feel like MTA has been all over the place with this List specifically. Heres the link to the NYC OPEN DATA LIST Click Here - Search "06600" or your last name to find your list number
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