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  1. Sorry its blocked between Church Av and Dahill Road and also between Church Ave and McDonald Ave!
  2. An incident happens at Church Ave. , ,,, ,, and can not get around the Church Ave area! Reroute away!
  3. Does anyone know what depot 3563 is at? Because its been between SC and JFK a lot. Also worth asking whats up with 4799? Is this retired or being fixed.
  4. 1035 is at Jackie Gleason 1032 is also at Jackie Gleason (Whats going on I know this is reported tho) 1032, 1033, 1034 (I believe) 1035 are all at Gleason's currently (All Except 1035 reported)
  5. Does anyone know if 8504 is going the come back with the Set A window?
  6. Ok so Bus 362 is now on the B69 With the interior sign and announcements like the XN60 but on the C40LF #362 Jackie Gleason Bus Depot So Chance it will be on all of them unless it was a B35 personally but changed to the B69 Temp! But just a update!
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