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  1. From what I was told this bus is at Spring Creek OOS for a bad transmission, nothing about the bus being processed for scrap. Unsure where everyone got this information from.
  2. Yes I also believe this is why LGA is holding onto their remaining (13) NYCT XD60's. Looks like the plan will be as follows: LGA 7445-7456 (12) UNWRAP to Local Scheme 6275-6286 Install LaGuardia Link Wrap to be used on the Q70SBS 6534-6535, 6539, 6643 to JFK or SCRAP 3620, 3632, 3635, 3717 to JFK **Hopefully** 6068, 6070, 6072, 6074, 6076, 6078, 6080, 6082, 6084, 6086, 6088, 6090, 6092 (13) to FLAT BP 5383-5390 to JFK JFK 6249-6257 to LGA
  3. Not to sure, if I had to take a guess it would be that some structural damage occurred, passed by EC Scrap today and saw it parked in there with the rest of the scrappers.
  4. Both 4436 & 4521 are back at Grand Ave. Bus 4436 is currently on the B62.
  5. @mac5689 Can we please get an updated Suffolk Transit Roster that is updated? Last one is from 6/18/19... Thank you.
  6. It's a loan guys... 3563 is also a long time loan, it is not permanently assigned to SC.
  7. 5299 is being repaired at NEBR as well as 5477. This vendor actually has pictures of both buses being worked on. Pretty cool... http://nebr.us/albums/nebr-shop/ 1201, 1205, 4799 were involved in thermal events and will not be repaired.
  8. 3900 100ST to HALE 5335, 5857 FLAT to KB 6168, 6226 NF to WSIDE
  9. Typo! Lol. Thanks Calvin, yes it was supposed to be 5772 NOT 5572... And BTW 5572 is painted not wrapped.
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