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  1. Everyone is waiting and waiting, still willing to give the info. Just be patient.
  2. has anyone been called for the second drug test yet? My wife's was expired.
  3. no clue, but should be 1000-1100 this week if they did not stop hiring.
  4. thanx. It goes fast. Almost 100 people per week in the list go forward for final proc. My wife is around 1400, lol , still long way to go
  5. class 4/8 then 4/22, only 2 weeks training?
  6. take it easy. if short of budge, mta just freeze the hiring proc. It will not get rid of people in the list. This list lasts until 2022. As hmc12989 explain 1 out of 3, here is the detail as I know. 10 people pass the exam, then 1 does not get pre-empl letter , 2 do not pass the drug test, 2 do not pass the background check. 1 do not want the job anymore, 1 miss the final- empl , so almost only 3 people or less stay at the end. mta does not do 1 out of 3, but post office does it. My wife passed the city carrier exam and the interview was 1 out of 3 people. As SeanH525 said : list is up to 832. good news, it still keeps on going.
  7. A meta friend told me that yesterday they got memo. Mta is short of the budget, if cannot find the budget resource, Will cut the work force. They will try to void the situation, but...
  8. Bad news. MTA just states short of budget. If cannot find the budget source, Will reduce work force. But as before, they always laid off the provision people. Hope they don't stop hiring proc.
  9. is the pre-employment including an one to one interview?
  10. Have been here since my wife took the exam in 2015. She got a letter for the provision job in April 2018. She did not join. Here was the reason. As the culture, TA usually didn't fire the provision employees. But recently few years, as the pressure from the public " Why people didn't pass the exam can keep the job and people pass it cannot get it?" . Also right now MTA is short of budget. That are the reasons they freeze hiring the station agent. My wife did not want to take the risk of being laid off. Last year, union sue for the provision station agents, but it failed. below is the link http://thechiefleader.com/news/open_articles/twu-sues-over-delay-in-establishing-list-of-station-agent/article_e23a6be2-d3a9-11e8-9443-4f6ebf542a77.html I'm not sure will they fire all the provision station agents, but who did not pass the exam will leave. Then will call by the list. The provisions who passed the exam, if lucky , MTA will let you stay and become permanent until reach your list number. How many they hire is base the budget. My wife's list number is around 1400, have the chance because the list will last for 4 years. Hope the budget coming soon and they start hiring. Good luck every one. Anyone get the call or the mail for the admin, please update info for us. Please mention by mail or phone call, and also the closest list number you round to (if you don't want to leak your info) . Thank you. Happy New Year.
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