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  1. Was the previous failed test for an MTA position?
  2. Congrats! How soon after 2nd PE did you get sworn in?
  3. I called Mrs.Vargas today to follow up. She mentioned letters went out today. I asked what class I might be considered for if all goes well and she said "hopefully" August. No guarantees though. Five minutes after I hung up, I got the call to go in this Monday for 2nd pre employment. List # in 1400's. Good luck to all!
  4. Nice! Congrats! Both C/R and T/O seem to be moving along. Got my first pre employment for C/R but will be deferring. Waiting for that second P/E for T/O.
  5. When I went to P/E back in Nov I saw a dude dressed like a pimp. I saw some over dressed, some dressed casual, some in jogging pants, some in buisness attire, and some in regular street clothes. I don't think it really matters what you wear as long as your paper work is correct. Lol! I wore a hoodie sweater, jeans, and rain boots because it was raining that day. I was the first one there on line and left by 2p.m.
  6. Thanks for the info and quick reply. I'm ready to soak up info and put in that work. I've noticed there are a lot of cool people on this forum that actually want to help those of us either starting or waiting. Very humbling. Just waiting my turn patiently. Popping in from time to time to see what list number they're up to. Lol
  7. I've been following this forum since day one trying to absorb all questions and answers. This forum is very helpful and very informative. Thanks to all those that take the time out to respond. I have a few questions myself regarding the signal test. I see alot of people excited about getting in past medical as if once your sworn in your in indefinitely. I know that's not the case. I know there are practicals and exams and other ways to get disqualified, but in my opinion, I feel the signal test is the do or die part of this whole process. Thats the only thing that gets me nervous. From what I hear you have to pass with 100%. My question is for those that have taken the test and passed, in reality, how hard is it? How many questions are there really on the exam? I've read and heard there are 100 signals to be memorized, but 15 questions on the exam, is this true? I'm very curious. I know once one gets into school car they'll get a definitive answer and the materials needed to study. I probably won't be getting in until fall or winter of this year "hopefully". I did my PE in Nov. At the speed the list is going, I know for a fact I will have to go back for two or maybe three more drug tests. It's all good though! Patience is the key! Thanks in advance!
  8. Definitely not the employer for you. It sounds like you're salty and already hating on people.
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