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  1. One time I saw something like "local trains are express between 81st st and Columbus Circle due to NYPD activities" on the MTA website, so I assume that they did use the switch to skip 72nd st. Despite of the was running slow before switching the express track, it is great to see this.
  2. There was interesting movement on the train I was on today. The arrived at the local track of Columbus Circle because there was a at the express track. Then the kept running at the local track to 72nd St and used that switch to switch express track instead of using switch at Columbus Circle.
  3. There were two sets of R42 parking at the central tracks between 111st and 121st last Sunday. I cant remember the exact numbers of them, But some of them are 480x, 481x, 479x, and 483x.
  4. I agree, some T/O are driving slower than others. I had a rush hour A trip last week and the T/O kept braking hard before pulling in the stations and crawling to stop the train. And this was not related signals because I kept watching all the signals after he braked hard in the first station. And the trip took a little longer than usual and it was unsmoothed. Other T/Os on the A line tend to just brake slightly and kept the speed and then make a final brake to stop train. And I was also on J train whose T/O overshot the 121st station when the 121st station was just back in service for a few days. I thought there were at least three cars out of the station. It ended up the T/O walked all three cars and asked who need to get off. CBTC would definitely be helpful to prevent those.
  5. According to the Fast Forward Plan, there is NO CTBC plan for CPW within 10 years. So I dont think BD will get any R160 in these five years. Lets just wait and see what will happen in this fall when all the R179 are delivered.
  6. Well, some parents are failed to do their jobs as guardians. I have seen a mom just left her baby crying and she just kept playing her phone all the way from 7AV to Roosevelt Ave or Forest Hill on a rush hour E. And this happened twice and the second mom was talking to her friend.
  7. Great to know the your experience as a R179 operator. I took the R179 A first time yesterday and I noticed it was less smooth than the R46 tand it kept shaking. And the sound insulation is about the same as R46. Correct me if I am wrong, I think R179 on J perform much better than the one and only one on A. btw, MTA really needs to clean the exterior of the R179 A because there are lots of bird droppings on it.
  8. I won’t feel surprise if they decide to take all the r179 away from ENY since JZ won’t get cbtc in the next ten years according their plan. And if that happened, we gotta see r32 r42 r143 and r160 running on JZ again.
  9. I agree that those are off topic and should be moved to the corresponding thread. But I disagree that those are useless garbage, those are a lot better than the spammed asking "where is the new 10-car set R179 now" comments for three or four pages.
  10. Good to know. It seems MTA is doing it faster than we thought. And you mentioned Canal St station, I wish MTA can re-configure the entrance/exit of JZ because it is the only one entrance for JZ and its shared with NQ (most of people wont take the long walk to RW exit). The exit is congested and too small.
  11. I mean all the tracks that are used by M train. Ironically, I took the J trains across willy b twice yesterday and both J trains lost their races with bikers.
  12. I know M is extremely crowded during rush hour because I used to take it everyday. But the fact is the tracks and switches can't handle more train, and you need to consider the capacity of the 53rd tunnel and the forest hill terminus which are both running about the limit. Just as I said, increasing M service must affect other services as in the original L shutdown plan, MTA was planned to cut the Z service and make J fully local to have more M train. But I think MTA could try to make some Manhattan bd J/Z terminate at Broadway junction since most of people transfer there.
  13. Yeah, Ikr. The curves and the complex switches are the problems. I also don’t believe Williamsburg bridge could handle 24tph because the trains run very very slow on the bridge.
  14. I think the switch at myrtle's ave is the limitation. You cannot have more M train without affecting JZ service.

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