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  1. Is that possible to implement a block-list system like other forums? This system would automatically hide the replies that are written by the users in the block-list and provide a "click to unhide this hidden reply" function. It is real headache even skimming through(yeah,not even reading) these "facts" again and again. And a friendly reminder: Please use multi-quote when possible. It will take you a little more time but it will save other people much more time.
  2. Actually you can use a little force to open it, last time I saw somebody opened it by about 3 inches because he wanted to balance himself during a hard braking.
  3. Great, the entire line gotta be shitty again with R32's return. The Bway Junt-Crescent St-Woodhaven Blvd express gotta be returned as well(If you are a rider, you know what I am talking about.) BTW, I dont think 8ave CBTC will be finished/activated before MTA has enough R211s to replace all the R46s which we are not going to see in at least two years. So I dont see the points of swap.
  4. I saw two sets of R42 heading to Board St on Wednesday PM rush. One showed up as and the other one showed up as .
  5. The Fareback Fridays promotion is back! Here is the link: https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/offers-promotions/fareback-fridays-promotion.html
  6. I had been two R32/R42 trains with door problem and they just discharged the whole train. But I do frequently see some trains are running with one side door locked.
  7. Trains Rerouted There are service changes and delays in and train service because NYPD has requested that we remove third-rail power at Utica Av. Southbound and trains are running along the local track from 145 St to Canal St. Southbound and trains are running on the express track from 145 St to 59 St-Columbus Circle. Southbound trains are running on the express track from 42 St-Port Authority/Bus Terminal to Canal St. These reroutes are interesting.
  8. Some of the ENY sets are sent to CI yard to get deep cleaned. I guess that they put R42 in service to prevent sudden dead because of being place in the yard and not running for a long time.
  9. Based on my experiences, they run R42 on on weekday rush hour only and they run R42 the whole day on the weekend especially if there was planned service change. They had cut the service back to Crescent St on the weekend for the past few months and it was very easy to catch a R42 that I almost caught it every time. Btw, I have seen that they lay up R179/R160 at 111 st a few times.
  10. how about shuttle between 42nd st-time sq to coney island.
  11. You probably will see it this weekend because they have planned service change which only runs between Board St and Broadway Junction this weekend. Btw, move on, this is a R179 related thread.
  12. MTA is installing devices on the line center track from Broadway Junction to Myrtle Ave. They look like antennas to me. They are easier to obe seen by taking the Manhattan bound train because they are placed close to the Queens bound track. I screenshot the image from the video because its hard to take photo of it.
  13. Precisely, it happened two weeks ago (July 6th).
  14. R32s were doing well last summer that there was only one time the A/C was off or dead. But they were not perfect because the damn A/C kept dropping water, the issue still persisted on a R32 I rode today.
  15. yeah, I went to City Hall last week and saw a MTA worker was using a thermometer to measure and record the car temperate of the 6 trains.
  16. Ironically, I saw two dogs in the subway car yesterday rush hour. I think it depends on the T/Os and conductors, so of them really dont give a shit just like some ppl get on the bus and tell the bus operators that they have no money, some B/Os would just let them take the ride and some would ask them to get off.
  17. There might be something weird going on the ,I saw multiple R143s and a R160 with folding chairs on the this week.
  18. They also lay up NTT cars at 111st st station at night. Hopefully those ENY NTT cars will be deep-cleaned soon. The JAM NTT cars look amazingly good and shiny after being deep-cleaned.
  19. They reopened the 111st st station on JAM line. Its great to see that they could finish all the works in just five months. Which station will be next one to be rehabilitated?
  20. There is a tab named "2019.04.29" which I believe is the newest B Division assignments.
  21. They use R42s as rush hour in the morning, I am not sure about Friday but I have seen R42s on Mon-Thurs morning for months.
  22. labor cost is the problem.I mean that we dont want people to work 16hr/day for 365 days(just kidding) to change the route bullet LEDs which are kind of useless now. And they are also too small to see with full-colors. I still prefer to see those on the 46s/68s instead of those on 32s/160s.
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