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  1. Yup. The first few days as people adjusted to the shuttle buses and alternate routes might have been rough, but as people fanned out across different alternatives, likely it would have just become a less-convenient, albeit new normal commute for the vast majority of riders.
  2. Oooh, good point. It'd be interesting for the to have 32s, 42s, 46s, and 179s to top it all off.
  3. I'd also like to know. The seems like a weird place to put the 42s.
  4. I'd also think riders would prefer more weekend service into Manhattan, not a weekend-only additional service between Brooklyn and Queens. If riders want to use the , it's already available to transfer from the and (if someone decided to transfer at 74 St for some reason) at Court Square.
  5. I'd get the popcorn ready for next week's board meeting. It's going to be...interesting, to say the least.
  6. Just remember the 2015 G train derailment was caused by a faulty bench wall...hmmmm....
  7. What I understand is that Ferrer basically said "suck it" to the board, and made it seem like they're going to do the new plan, and pretty much remove the board from having a say on the matter. No clue how that's going to go down with the board members itself next week, though...
  8. I do too. I remember Byford said even with the Canarsie shutdown up in the air he still wanted to see service improvements like full-length G trains happen regardless.
  9. Oh boy, I'd get some popcorn ready for next week's board meeting if Ferrer has just decided to cut the board out of the decision outright. If the city-appointed members are just going to be stripped of any methods of countering Albany's actions, I can only see this fueling Corey Johnson's push to consider splitting NYCTA off from the MTA. I'm sure Polly Trottenberg is going to have some choice words for Ferrer next week.
  10. Huh, I had no idea. That's gonna be real nice. So will the 179s move back to ENY to move R160s to CI, or will they go to CI for the G?
  11. If I can offer my guess, it'd be that LTA was referring to how Ferrer and the pro-Cuomo-L-plan brass pretty much danced around every question from the skeptical board members (like Polly Trottenberg, who went hard grilling Ferrer), and offered little to no answers to the questions they were asked. Despite this clear lack of concrete info and plans regarding the new Canarsie plans, they (Ferrer and co.) still were putting their support behind the new plan as if, to quote one of the board members asking about any cons to the new plan, "you're saying it's Jesus, Moses, and Mohammed all rolled into one."
  12. My understanding was that the R32s being moved to the , as well as the incoming 5-car R179 sets (to make 10-car trains on the ) would push R46s to the for supplemental 600' service, but that the would still have a mix of both 480' and 600' trains. If the R32s and the 10-car R179s can push enough R46s to the from the , that would make sense, but I'm not sure whether or not the numbers would work out in that case.
  13. That's exactly why I was so happy seeing the board be so critical of the group defending the new plan, and putting pressure on them with how they were questioning. The meeting definitely eased my worries about the shutdown, and it seems a lot more clear now what might happen going forward. Now we just get to wait for Round 2 at next week's board meeting...
  14. I was referring to the 'new plans' as the Cuomo ones, versus the old, established 15-month shutdown plan. Apologies for the confusion.
  15. Oh I know, I watched the board meeting. I just wasn't sure what plan Union Tpke was referring to. It was clear the board was pressing hard, and they weren't getting any answers they liked.
  16. By shutdown, you mean the original 15-month plan, or the new shutdown plans being suggested?
  17. Just watched the board meeting. From what I've gathered, the Board really doesn't like how this has all been handled. Polly Trottenberg's statements about questioning if the board actually is even being involved in the shutdown plans really seemed to dig into Ferrer. I was worried that Cuomo's plan was going to be pushed through before, but seeing how skeptical the board is now makes me think they will vote this down come next week's board meeting.
  18. Ah, thanks for the info. Any idea if the 179s will be assigned permanently to the C, or if they'll move back to ENY once these kinks are worked out. Additionally, any timeframe for when the pulled cars will go back into service?
  19. While waiting for an uptown local, an R179 test train pulled in on the local track - missing the circle around the 'C' on the front route bullet. Enjoy!
  20. I've been following the issues with the R179s, and someone said they waited along the C for an hour during the Friday rush and saw no 179s. Have they all been pulled from the C due to the intercar spring issues?
  21. Thanks! I realized after I had posted that it didn't embed, and unfortunately didn't have the chance to edit the post to add the link that'd embed properly.
  22. Enjineer


    An (E) and an (M) at Forest Hills-71 Av
  23. Enjineer


    R188 <7> rounding the curve into 33 St-Rawson St
  24. Enjineer


    R32 (A) at Far Rockaway, waiting to head back north
  25. Enjineer


    Two R188 (7) trains on the curve outside of Queensboro Plaza
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