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  1. Yes! The entrances on the northeast corner of Lex and 86th seem much more permanent now, and the elevator is in the shaft and looks to be ready for service, with full signage on the elevator. I'll grab a pic the next time I have the chance; I thought of it the other day but sadly didn't.
  2. If you look through their Tweets & Replies, they're pretty on top of responding to people. It's pretty great:
  3. New strategy for hunting R179s on the ? Just tweet @NYCTSubway, lol
  4. Last night I was able to enjoy a little bit of the variety of the IND 8th Avenue Line at Chambers Street. Enjoy!
  5. Last night I was able to get a bit of and train action in the rain. Enjoy! Station house at Cortelyou Road Looking south from Cortelyou Road Looking south from Newkirk Plaza And looking up the platform Q sitting in the rain A southbound B passing Cortelyou Road A southbound Q arriving at Cortelyou Road A plaque regarding the grade crossing elimination along the Brighton Line, outside of Newkirk Plaza
  6. So then I'd assume it'd function like ESI, right? Simply close it to traffic for six months or so and then reopen the fully rehabbed station once it's complete.
  7. This isn't even someone being a slob or just homelessness: this is someone who is mentally ill. Most of the homeless are in shelters and you would not be able to tell them apart from any other person on the street.
  8. Might they do a single platform at a time? I remember riding the in August and seeing a few Jamaica-bound platforms basically stripped down to the steel frames, with trains obviously bypassing the station. The Manhattan/Brooklyn-bound platforms had clearly received their rehabs already. Here's what it looked like:
  9. Didn't they manage to do that recently for the Portal Bridge (ban rush hour traffic)
  10. I spent some time at Grand Central this evening on the Flushing Line platform. Enjoy! A Main Street-bound waiting to head under the East River Broken destination sign... A view of the Flushing-bound side from the 3rd Avenue stairs And the Hudson Yards-bound side A Hudson Yards-bound train arriving Photos taken while filming: A Hudson Yards-bound train at the station A Flushing-bound train ready to head into Queens Two trains across from each other
  11. It was revealed in the slides of the Fast Forward Plan. I'm sure the order will be part of a future capital budget. Of all the consistencies within the MTA, I think car orders are relatively straightforwards in terms of planning and timelines
  12. Welding defects in the collision columns, but I believe Byford said they're not impactful to the structural integrity or strength of the cars (so it won't require some massive sidelining of the fleet)
  13. The weld defects in the collision columns are not anything that impact the structural integrity or strength of the R179s, right? At least that's what I saw online about that latest problem
  14. Yesterday I took some nice photos when I went along the to check out ATO with my friend. Hope you all enjoy!
  15. Haven't the power issues in the Rockaways been fixed for ages?
  16. Yesterday I was able to catch some great action at 90 St-Elmhurst Av. Enjoy!
  17. My guess would these past two weekends have not been indicative of the R179s being put on the Shuttle, but rather as a test of performance. How do they hold up being a weekend away from Pitkin, etc.
  18. Enjoy this speedy ride on the , taken shortly after ATO began on all trips on the Flushing Line. I also just so happened to be on 7550, which is the R188 with a very nice howling motor. Enjoy!
  19. I found myself near the Kawasaki plant in Yonkers today, and I saw quite a few M9s sitting around!
  20. So: after riding the , the first thing I noticed was areas like the curve into Queensboro had the clear sign of ATO: constant small throttle applications to maintain a speed. I could clearly see ATO active on the screens, but overall everything seemed very smooth. I mostly noticed expresses were incredibly consistent between Woodside and Junction Blvd. Watching them pass 90th Street, they all seemed to be hitting their target speeds of 50 MPH and holding there, whereas before depending on the operator you could have trains running between 40-50 MPH.
  21. On the topic before about the curves and whatnot for acceleration, I'm heading to the as soon as I post this, so I'll be able to report back later if anything feels noticeably different. I'll also try and get a glimpse of the CBTC screens to indeed confirm that they're running in ATO.
  22. You're right, whoops! When they adjusted the timetables, someone had pointed out that the 7 was now the most frequent line with 32 tph – lo and behold I went back to the post I had seen that number in the first place and the person had edited it back to 30 and said "whoops, bad math!" Sorry about that
  23. Right. Being uninterlined and isolated already helped Flushing just have a good amount of trains without CBTC. That report about service improvements also isn't incorporating the new supplements as it was from the end of March. As I stated previously, the L project supplement for the has now increased the maximum scheduled TPH to 32.
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