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  1. On the left is a hat I got from the Eagle Team that does the M86 SBS, as we're somewhat friendly with them as the bus stops right in front of my building. The hat on the right I got a few days ago from a friend; he got it from someone else who was selling a lot of transit merch.
  2. Surprisingly from what I saw, ops seemed to be going fairly well. The train leaving Union Square had plenty of room towards the rear, and neither Bedford nor Union Square had massive crowds. Whether that was a fluke or what can be expected, time will tell, but I have to say I was surprised.
  3. The funny part was they didn't even scroll. It was just cut-off (sorry for the double responses)
  4. Surprisingly, the I was on from Lorimer St to 1 Av did not experience any massive crowds or issues when single-tracking. Enjoy!
  5. A Grand Central-bound M8 approaching Harlem-125th Street in the rain
  6. An R68 D train approaching 9th Avenue with its front cab door open
  7. Enjoy this ride on an R143 train with nice and loud howling motors!
  8. On a recent short visit to Chicago, I was able to experience the 'L' for my first time. Enjoy! We took the 'L' in from O'Hare On board Clark/Lake, my first actual stop in the Loop I was a big fan of the old signage at Quincy At the corner of the Loop, under the Tower 18 interlocking Lake Street Bridge Washington/Wells Station Another shot from the street near Downtown Another shot of Quincy Merchandise Mart Photos taken while filming: On the Loop from the back of a Pink Line train Tower 12 A Pink Line train near Tower 18 A Green Line train near Lake and Wabash A train crossing the Chicago River Another train over the Chicago River A 5000-Series Purple Line train leaving Washington/Wabash A Green Line train arriving ...And an Orange Line train arriving from the other direction A Pink Line train arriving Orange Line near Downtown A Brown Line train departing Quincy And a Pink Line train arriving At Quincy Departing Around the Loop on an Orange Line train State/Lake A Brown Line train
  9. Today I was able to catch a few nice howling R143s on the . Enjoy!
  10. So, the destination signs are...special, to say the least...
  11. My friend saw it heading to Pitkin last night!
  12. Remember, it was originally for the to also run to Southeastern Queens. Hell, the TA was in no rush to tear down the El but the residents and businesses in Jamaica pressured them into tearing it down earlier than planned.
  13. The IRT had done it before the IND! When the 7 Av Line was extended south of Times Square, they create 7th Avenue South to run the subway under and literally cut straight through the West Village
  14. Due to track work, trains ran express from Columbus Circle to Canal St, which meant that I was able to get a nice view on an R32 running express down 8th Avenue. Enjoy!
  15. A ride down the Queens Blvd express from Queens Plaza to Forest Hills-71 Av. Enjoy!
  16. Given that 3242-38 was spotted heading to Pitkin late Thursday night, I wouldn't be surprised if 3247-46 arrived Monday, with the same deliveries happening like last week, to end up with 3247-43 heading to Pitkin next Thursday as well. If that indeed happens, I'd assume 3238-47 would be on the test track in the near future.
  17. I tested it at 33 St (obviously it didn't accept), but it read my phone immediately. I think once they open it from employee-only testing to the general public at the end of May we'll be able to see just how nicely (or not nicely, but more likely nicely) tap-to-pay works. Also, I feel like we've all had the time when you've swiped, thought it went through, and gone to go through the turnstile and been whacked by the bar...
  18. On Sunday, I went up to Woodlawn to catch some Metro-North action. Due to track work, southbound New Haven Line trains had to use Track 1 to merge with the Harlem Line, which was quite interesting to see. Enjoy! Phone photos: A southbound M7A makes a stop at the station Looking south Across the tracks Looking north towards the junction And looking at the switches south of the station Outdated signage! Some more station views A northbound Harlem Line train of M7As at the station Some MOW equipment making moves through the station Two M7As coupled A southbound New Haven Line train heading through Woodlawn Junction Another view across the tracks Stills taken while filming: A northbound Harlem Line train speeding through Woodlawn A southbound New Haven Line train of M8s switching over Another New Haven Line train about to switch off of Track 3 Northbound Harlem Line train MOW equipment next to a northbound New Haven Line train Some more shots of MOW equipment A northbound Harlem Line train approaching the station Leaving the station with MOW equipment passing MOW equipment again A southbound New Haven Line train making the switch from Track 3 to Track 1 A northbound train of M8s Another southbound train switching tracks Photos taken with my camera: A closer look at Woodlawn Junction A little more perspective The tracks south of the station MOW equipment north of the station in Woodlawn Junction A southbound New Haven Line train rounding the corner to merge with the Harlem Line The southbound New Haven and Harlem Line connection Looking south again A northbound Harlem Line train speeds through the station and past Woodlawn Junction A southbound Harlem Line train arriving at the station
  19. Last night I was able to catch a nice variety of trains at 86th Street, including R179 3230-37 doing simulated stop testing, and a Yankee special. Enjoy! An R32 And an R179 Approaching the station And departing A just having arrived on the uptown platform Checking that everything's clear to close the doors Heading uptown One of the first uptown local trains of the night Pulling away uptown Southbound local with a dead motor About to board Long ride Heading off to 81st Street Yankee special
  20. Really a shame that this is even a thought. So far, Byford's done some great work (like Save Safe Seconds and SPEED), and it'd be pretty sucky to lose him over petty politics, especially considering how much he's tried to avoid getting caught up in it. One can only hope he can reason with the State and/or Governor himself.
  21. On the way back from Woodlawn, I stopped to catch some trains at Harlem-125th Street. Enjoy! Shoreliner Car - "Poughkeepsie" Southbound M7A missing some lights! Looking south down the Park Avenue Viaduct, with midtown shrouded in mist A southbound train of M7As arriving on Track 4 At the station Another southbound train of M7As arriving on Track 2 – I recall it was from the Yankees game that had just ended A New Haven Line train approaching in the rain Facing down Park Avenue A southbound train of M8s approaching on Track 2 Another southbound train with a diesel on Track 4
  22. Hasn't that issue been fixed? Also if they ran via the it'd be via the Bridge...
  23. I've never seen that used before. I've always wondered why they never used it for disruption reroutes!
  24. Thank you! It was really cool to be able to get a look under the car and see all that's going on in person
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