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  1. Didn't the latest supplement as of April 28th for the L project give the about a 50 minute period during each rush hour with 32 tph frequencies?
  2. Well I'll be (hopefully) riding the this PM rush with a friend to check out the ATO operation. I'll be sure to report back if the acceleration/deceleration seems to be noticeably different compared to ATP-M operation and the 's ATO. I don't know if it was just me, but I felt that once the was cutover to full CBTC, the acceleration curves on the R188's motors were adjusted to be faster, so I'm not sure if this means they've now altered the curves again with ATO.
  3. My bad, then. I was under the impression that they had equipped the ones on the 7 to run with CBTC. Still, I assume if, come 40-50 years from now, the whole system is CBTC, they might possibly be able to equip the museum fleet to be CBTC-compatible. If not, assuming we still have wayside backups, I figure they could just run those trains during periods of low usage to minimize service disruption.
  4. I think something like adding some onboard computing equipment and a few transponders, and probably an axle counter, wouldn't be changing the car to a degree where it loses its historic value. Were they to require something like AC motors, updated door controls, etc. for this to happen, then it's a different discussion. I know some R62/As were equipped with CBTC for trash pickup along the
  5. Neither. I think it's purely because a smoother acceleration curve provides a nicer ride. The always seems to just immediately zip out of stations, and can be quite hard on the brakes sometimes. Assuming it's smoother on the , trains would still go nice and fast, but wouldn't do the equivalent of flooring it or SLAMMING on the brakes. Also, I think the changes here are really minor; I don't think it's anywhere near enough difference that they'd be able to add more trains or something if the curves were set to have trains accelerate as fast as possible as soon as possible. For all I know, a smoother curve could mean just not immediately doing full power, and rather taking 2-3 seconds to increase power to full as to provide a smoother transition from standing to accelerating, and vice versa for braking.
  6. In general I think the just has a smoother acceleration curve. The has always been very janky, and I think they probably designed the 's ATO with more comfort in mind, while balancing it with speed and efficiency
  7. Alright, got a quick response: I was told that they lowered some speeds in the Steinway Tubes, as well as heading southbound (Manhattan-bound, I assume) into 52nd Street and 33rd Street. For 52nd and 33rd, I'd assume it's for safety regarding the curves past both stations.
  8. According to a operator on Reddit, ATO is now active on all trips, other than when it's disabled for track maintenance in certain blocks. Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/nycrail/comments/bm6o4w/a_7_express_flying_through_90_st_at_just_about_50/emxf9sz/
  9. I don't know; as far as I'm aware it's not anything bad, it's just the sounds some aging motors make.
  10. You missed the /s, which is used to denote sarcasm lol
  11. I believe this is a recent thing they've begun to test on the R188s. I haven't seen one personally yet
  12. Yesterday I encountered R188 7550 on the , which had a very interesting sounding howling motor. Enjoy!
  13. Wouldn't there be more 5-car R179 sets for the (assuming this hypothetical would be around the next year or so)
  14. Yesterday I was able to get a nice ride on the R179 train across the Rockaway Flats. As it's now out of testing, no TSS was in the cab which meant I was finally able to get a clear view of the ride out over the bay. Enjoy!
  15. I went back down the Rockaways, and rode the R32 in service on the shuttle in the rain back to Howard Beach from Broad Channel. Enjoy!
  16. Last night I rode the R32 servicing the shuttle this weekend, from Howard Beach to Far Rockaway. Enjoy!
  17. I'd think the also would have the effect since it's also being boosted outside of weekday rush hours because of the L project
  18. Enjoy this ride on the R32 that is serving the Far Rockaway shuttle this weekend.
  19. Enjoy this ride on the , from Marcy Avenue to Broadway Junction
  20. Guess this was a separate train than the one I saw elsewhere. That one was photographed on the Bay Ridge branch, with the proper rollsigns for Forest Hills and 95th St
  21. I saw it on some Facebook groups – it was a real I think
  22. Well duh, I feel silly now for not realizing that. I realized the Q after I had sent the message because of the M, but not put together the chain of the N or C and E.
  23. I noticed that the 6, C, E, N, and Q trains all have new schedules as of April 28th. Logically the G, 7, M and J/Z got them for the L work (the L's new schedule has yet to be published by the MTA). Any ideas as to why they've issued a whole bunch of new supplements?
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