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  1. U should call ya letter could have gotten lost in the mail...it happened to me...
  2. U should call ya letter could have gotten lost in the mail...it happened to me...
  3. Anyone know about the dress code during training ? I know they said no sneakers...but are boots ok?
  4. Ok really looking forward to this...praying all goes welll...thanks so much !
  5. O wow thanks so much for that fast response. I start training soon and I just wanted to plan my free weekends now before I start having to work them. Just needed an idea when my schedule would official change
  6. I apologize if you have already answered this... but during the training process how long are you doing classroom training before they send you to observe in the booth ?
  7. Pre employment process you fill out paper work and take a drug test and they tell you they will call you back n 3-90 days (I called them after a week or so) when all goes well u go back for the final process which consists of more paper work and taking your picture and they let you know what day you start training
  8. Did you call the 3476438210 number? A woman picks up and she is very helpful...she helped me through everything...I went in person and some man there misinformed me
  9. Does anyone have a number to call to check and see where they are on the callbacks?
  10. Has anyone gone through the pre employment process and got a call back for final processing ???? Just asking to get a time frame aside from the 3-90 days that they told me about
  11. Honestly I don’t know what’s going on...that was my experience so I wanted to share in case anyone else was going thru that....it’s nerve wrecking

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