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  1. I’m personally happy I didn’t get called yet. I couldn’t imagine dealing with the anxiety of being in the public every day. I hope all of you out there can stay safe and healthy.
  2. This wait is getting annoying! At least some traction would be nice 14xx.
  3. My number is 14xx and I did a second PE during the summer.
  4. Who gave you the info that there is no class past August?
  5. My number is 14xx got the call today , 2nd PE for Monday the 24th!!
  6. I got the email for the S&D overview for 6/22 at Hillside. Anyone else get the invite?
  7. Me too! I’ve been nervous thinking I was missing something. Hopefully we hear back soon.
  8. Did anyone from the May 6th open house get contacted for the S&D overview yet?
  9. Hey guys, I'm a little lost. I've been reading through this post but I'm not sure if I am 100% accurate with the process. I went to the May 6th open house and have not heard anything back yet. So is it background check>S&D>panel interview>Medical>Phase 1> Phase2? Also how long does it take for HR to get back to you after passing the cognitive testing and first interview? Thanks for any help
  10. Hey guys, so I went to the LIRR Locomotive engineer trainee open house this past Monday. I passed the exam and hopefully will move on to the next phase at some time. My number for TO is 13xx and I wish the classes would move faster. My question is if given the opportunity for both which one would you choose? I'm looking at the pros and cons but I ultimately just want the best for my family and myself. Thanks for any input
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