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  1. My number is 14xx and I did a second PE during the summer.
  2. Who gave you the info that there is no class past August?
  3. My number is 14xx got the call today , 2nd PE for Monday the 24th!!
  4. I got the email for the S&D overview for 6/22 at Hillside. Anyone else get the invite?
  5. Me too! I’ve been nervous thinking I was missing something. Hopefully we hear back soon.
  6. Did anyone from the May 6th open house get contacted for the S&D overview yet?
  7. Hey guys, I'm a little lost. I've been reading through this post but I'm not sure if I am 100% accurate with the process. I went to the May 6th open house and have not heard anything back yet. So is it background check>S&D>panel interview>Medical>Phase 1> Phase2? Also how long does it take for HR to get back to you after passing the cognitive testing and first interview? Thanks for any help
  8. Hey guys, so I went to the LIRR Locomotive engineer trainee open house this past Monday. I passed the exam and hopefully will move on to the next phase at some time. My number for TO is 13xx and I wish the classes would move faster. My question is if given the opportunity for both which one would you choose? I'm looking at the pros and cons but I ultimately just want the best for my family and myself. Thanks for any input
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