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  1. What’s going on guys I recently in January had a appointment for bus operator when I went to the appointment I found out I was a couple months short of the minimum years driving requirement which is 3 years so they gave me a paper with a number on it and said when the couple months past by and I complete my 3 years to call the number to reschedule a appointment I called and was forward to the person who handles my exam number but it takes me to voicemail I left a voicemail I’m just wondering if anyone has had to reschedule before and know about how long it can take to get a reschedule date for a appointment . thank you
  2. I will have no problem with that Thank you so much I was worried they will just flat out disqualify me
  3. Hey guys I have a question I just recently received my pre employment letter for mta bus conductor and I check out on all requirements I also have my cdl class b license the only requirement that has me worried is the minimum 3 years with driver license my appointment is next week and I have exactly 2 years and 9 months with my license will I just be disqualified if I go in knowing I only need a few more months for my 3rd year help me out someone thank you

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