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  1. Hey guys so I passed the drug test last Wednesday and got a email for the medical this Wednesday i have a question about vision and hearing part of the medical for the hearing my question is do you have to have perfect hearing in both ears to pass and is this a critical part of exam for vision part my question is what does it consist of I am thankful for anyone that can shed some light on this for me thank you and my exam number is 7300
  2. My exam number is 7300 and list number is 1,1** thank you for the answer I’m just hoping it doesn’t take long to the point where I have to retake the drug test again
  3. What’s up guys so today I took my drug test for the bus operator title after taking the drug test I had to go back to the front desk and tell them I completed the drug test they then told me I should receive a email or call in 3-90 days my question is does the process really take 90 days because I know after 30 days your drug test is no good and you will have to retake it more or less how long does it take for you to go for medical?
  4. I got my drug test for the bus operator exam on Wednesday and I have a question do they test you for alcohol too I don’t drink at all only for special occasions my brother got married on Sunday and I had a few drinks I wonder if that would affect me in any kind of way during my test thank you guys so much for your help
  5. What’s going on guys I recently in January had a appointment for bus operator when I went to the appointment I found out I was a couple months short of the minimum years driving requirement which is 3 years so they gave me a paper with a number on it and said when the couple months past by and I complete my 3 years to call the number to reschedule a appointment I called and was forward to the person who handles my exam number but it takes me to voicemail I left a voicemail I’m just wondering if anyone has had to reschedule before and know about how long it can take to get a reschedule date for a appointment . thank you
  6. I will have no problem with that Thank you so much I was worried they will just flat out disqualify me
  7. Hey guys I have a question I just recently received my pre employment letter for mta bus conductor and I check out on all requirements I also have my cdl class b license the only requirement that has me worried is the minimum 3 years with driver license my appointment is next week and I have exactly 2 years and 9 months with my license will I just be disqualified if I go in knowing I only need a few more months for my 3rd year help me out someone thank you
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