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  1. I hearya'. It is quite frustrating though. They could call tomorrow, or two years from now. I'll definitely keep you posted if I hear anything.
  2. Have any of you heard anything? Nothing to report on my end.
  3. If they go back to a two man crew with the new equipment, then we're definitely in good shape.
  4. Hey everyone. I was just wondering how long it took for BSC Recruitment to contact you after you applied for a position? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Just from reading other posts, I think there is a high probability that we will both be called by 2022. Lol. But we have to remain optimistic and ready for the call. As for your application with Metro North, I think they will call sooner than the Staten Island Railway. Tons of jobs there, large crew base, and multiple routes.
  6. Oh definitely. It's a step in the right direction. Now it's just a waiting game to see if they call. I have applications from early last year that are still on passed pre screening. But we have done everything they requested of us and there is nothing else to do, other than wait. Hopefully we all get called soon. I have a good feeling that we will.
  7. It's the application status for BSC Recruitment.
  8. I applied to the Conductor posting in January of 2018, then again for the posting from last week. They're both on passed pre screening. I'm sure yours will go from applied to passed pre screening soon. It's just frustrating. But Railroads are very slow due to the number of applicants. Hopefully we both get called in to Livingston soon.
  9. Hey Guys. Just wanted to see if you were called yet? I applied for Conductor too, but I'm stuck on the passed pre screening.
  10. Did anyone hear back about this position? I spoke with a station Cleaner at the Richmond Valley Station and he said they should start calling people in by the end of this month. Just curious if anyone heard anything.
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