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  1. Thank You I’ll hope for the best I wish they would have said something that I only had a certain time I would not have wasted so much money and time or the best
  2. I’m concerned I will not get a job now
  3. Property protection agent
  4. I cleared the medical hold class is supposed to start this Monday February 11th then they tell me the class is closed now what do I do now
  5. I just cleared the medical hold for property protection and they tell me the class is closed now it Starts Monday February 11th now what can I do after spending a ton of money
  6. Thank You whatever I did was the impossible I starved myself excercised and doubled up on my meds now I’m a5.0
  7. Hi was put on medical hold cause my A1c was a 10.5 they said it had to be a 9 i brought it down to 9.3 will i still have a problem
  8. Just found out since I’m not driving it is illegal to discriminate against diabetes based on an A1c reading found out from lawyers I had a doctors note stating I’m okay to work they still put me on hold
  9. Good morning I was placed on medical hold for diabetes have to go to my doctor question is I only have a few days I can lower my sugar numbers but it’s impossible to lower A1C numbers overnight what should I do when I see my doctor
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