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  1. This is for Crew Dispatcher, there is no class for it, it's just OJT. I start this week and still havent received an email from the BSC. I reached out, got a call back from the BSC asking who my recruiter was and job title etc. They said they were going to reach out on Tuesday to see what's going on. If I don't hear anything back on Tuesday I'm absolutely going to still show up on my start date this week and just explain I didn't receive an email from the BSC and that I reached out about it with my reference number.
  2. I completed the conditional offer of employment, finished the background and criminal background check then I spoke with the recruiter about 2 weeks later asking if I want the position and then received an email with an offer letter and a start date. In the email I was told that I would receive an email from the BSC with additional onboarding documents, I start in about a week and haven't received the email. Is it possible that my offer is being rescinded or am I just being paranoid? This is for metro north railroad by the way.
  3. How did your interview go, did they give any guidance on the next steps? Jim told me that interview and application results are good for a year and if I were to move forward in the June class to expect something back in a month.
  4. After the interview then hopefully they move forward with me. You still going for block op or?
  5. I received an email about a week after an interview I had with MNRR notifying me I wasn't selected for the position. Maybe some jobs they do and some they don't.
  6. I wouldn’t worry too much it’s only been 1 day, who knows how they determine who gets called first. What we do know is HR moves slow everywhere and they could have just not finished making all the calls in one day
  7. @wstone17 Hey man, you know what to expect for the exam at the end of BST? They say that everyone passes but they are hitting us with a ton of information, which is manageable and all, but a lot of us are wondering what to expect. Do you know if its multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, verbatim, a mix of everything? What about the practice final, is that a pretty good indication of what will be on the test?
  8. Did you ever get called back for block operator?
  9. Does anyone know what we're going to be doing after the exam on Wednesday? The email says be prepared to stay 5-6 hours but the test is only 90 minutes. @wstone17
  10. @wstone17 do you think having a prior shoulder surgery from 2/3 years ago would DQ someone from the block operator position at the medical exam?
  11. @Noob what ever happened with the block operator position? Did they call you back or give you information as to why you weren’t selected?
  12. Okay thanks. I’m in the process for block operator but just wanted to get an idea for how interviews tend to be conducted. You’re saying Rule G is alcohol and drug use rules for employees? Do you know if or know of, Block operators are interviewed about this subject?
  13. Ok so there isn’t an expectation of lay offs or fires, just moving all block operators towards qualifying as dispatchers. Thanks for the nuggets of info.
  14. Nice.. What did the interview & medical really consist of? I see in your profile it looks like you got hired on as a block op a year ago, how do you like the job? Also, what does job security look like as the LIRR moves towards centralized train control? Are they planning on eliminating towers and then laying off redundant block operators in the future?
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