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  1. I'm a fan, too! Thanks for saying hi.
  2. Thank you! Are you an MTA employee or just a fan of the subway?
  3. Hey everyone, My name is Hilary, and I'm a writer working on a book. In it, one of the characters wants to become a T.O. I'd love to learn more about this process. 1. Do train operators and conductors take the same entrance exam? Is it a general civil service exam, or is it unique to that job? 2. What was the process to get hired? Take a test, get a physical, have an interview...etc. And, how long did it take from wanting the job to getting it? 3. Do you have to go to the MTA building in Manhattan for any part of the hiring process? 4. Once you have the job: When you have time to take your break, where do you take it? 5. Does being a T.O. change the feeling of riding the subway? Thanks so much for any help or answers you could share! Hilary
  4. @quarrybay I found your long piece about your work as a T.O. fascinating. I'm a writer working on a book, and one of my characters is a T.O. I was wondering if it would be possible to ask you some questions about your experience. Thanks, Hilary
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