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  1. Hello!  If my no# was passed and i didnt recieve an email or letter what do ido. Mrs watson last told me there backed up and  i would recieve a letter. What does that mean and who can i call to finf out.thanks in advance.#146*

  2. Has anyone from the 1400s recieved an email or letter? Just curious
  3. I haven't heard any one from 14** or 15** say that they've been called.
  4. still waiting for letter or email..im 146*. have you called to see if they're up to your number? I read on this post that someone in the 1600's is starting class .
  5. Good afternoon all!! Any good news for anyone.
  6. Hello! Have you heard anything yet? Someone mentioned theres a class in march and there's a #1600's in the class. how does that work?

  7. Thats great and congrats! what's your list number around?
  8. Thanks Willbx! Much respect. Point well made!
  9. Havnt heard anything yet! Im guessing this is just part of the process.. My number is up i was told to wait for a letter so im automatically thinking 2 to 3 days not taking into account what process they go through first so it can be longer!!! Im Just anxious!!! Good luck
  10. Do they notify you as immediately as your nuber is called or does it take a few days or weeks for the email or letter. Thanks in advance
  11. Do they notify you as immediately as your nuber is called or does it take a few days or weeks for the email or letter. Thanks in advance.

    1. Will-Bx-718


      Well when I came down they'd send a letter to your address on file at the time you took the exam. As of how it takes before they send out the letter to you, from the time your number is reached, I have the slightest idea. Your number may not actually be reached by the time they send you the letter, but may soon be approaching and they just want to screen as many potential candidates as they can to fill up a class. And by the time they go through the process your number will have been reached. But I have idea how HR handles the employments process, so I can't really comment any further.

  12. nothing as of yet! I was told I will be receiving a letter in the mail. by Mrs. W
  13. I was told i will be recieving a letter !
  14. I was told i will be recieving a letter !
  15. Well they just got to my # today is it automatically done?
  16. To be called for pre-employment is it always an email or mail?
  17. Good news there calling #s again. There up too #1467
  18. Good news! Just got off the phone with Mrs. Watson there up to #1447!!!!

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