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  1. Got on track in sept MNRR. LIRR has been hiring for positions as well. No freeze
  2. Shoot me a email gacerra1@verizon . Net
  3. Good luck! Whens the class going in? And whats the position/ starting pay just curious?
  4. The second background check was just a criminal questionnaire sheet that I had to fax within 48 hours along with my conditional offer.
  5. Hearing, vision, drug test, lung test, blood pressure, pulse.... then a sit down with a doctor and a exam to go over results etc
  6. No problem, if your medical is the same day as was mine expect to be there for 4-5 hours.
  7. Had 15, took me about 11. They definitely let you take your time, there was a video before we performed it. It was hot at track 100 of GCT. Make sure you hydrate, i was dripping.
  8. Applied, called year later, exam, background check tax returns etc, panel interview, criminal questionnaire, conditional offer, more paperwork. Physical abilities exam and drug test.
  9. How did you think the interview went? Was it a panel? I have my physical ability test on tuesday for MNRR. I’ve accepted my conditional offer. Class is sept. Heard 10-15 guys will be hired.
  10. It doesnt really mean anything. Ive been called for positions that were just “applied” and “pre screening” as well
  11. Supervisors and they will call former employers. I wouldnt put down knowing anyone. They have a big no nepotism policy.
  12. Yes indeed 10 years of background information.
  13. They will ask for professional references and i had to submit wage and income forms from irs , pay stubs and w-2’s. I woudnt disclose off books. IMO
  14. I believe all the benefits are generally the same some what getting a call from the mta for a position is like hitting the lotto. NYCT is civil service and you have to take a test to be appointed. The other commuter railroads you apply and they pick you. Best of luck to you!
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