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  1. I am not sure if the associate degree counts but you can always call up 180 Livingston HR and Ask. I didn't have experience but I had a bachelor (at the time of the test I only had an ASS but they never asked for proof or anything) . The test was easy, there were maybe 2 or 3 electrical questions (Simple Ohms Law and Power question, the formulas were given) and the rest was all comprehensions. They give you like a brief short story and then ask you a question about it, mostly safety stuff.
  2. Lol. Well now you know (y) Got all my cable info from him. He said it was the best job hes ever had.
  3. As long as I can get Locust i'll be happy at this point lol Go chill with my buddy.
  4. Not really sure what's going on lol. We did Right to Know last week. Track training is on thursday/friday.
  5. I'm at 53rd Yes. Started on the 24th. Me and 3 other guys coming into cable. My friend started last year july or something like that. The power school dudes said that cable in BX was looking for a driver so who knows.
  6. Yeah, BX Nights. Why the 22nd lol? They said 15th but who knows honestly. The teachers told me helpers in SO/Zones don't drive trucks. They drive SUVs and what not. Don't need a CDL. Idm getting a CDL for cable but i hate driving big ass cars in nyc.
  7. I was told I should go on the 8th but they later came back and said the 15th. I am going to ask just to make sure. Have to go to Atlantic to get location, hopefully the bronx. And Idk man, I barely did anything in my previous job. I'm going to file my transfer first day but If i decide i like it then i'll definitely stay. My buddy in the cable section said he filed his 170 the first day but he liked it there so he decided to stay. The power school guys said that Helpers mainly drive, even in the other sections (SO/Zones).
  8. Welp. I knew it was going to happen. Just got told I'm getting Cable along with 3 others. *Inset Sad Face Here*
  9. You can log on now, the green paper they gave you has the info. The BSC# is just your emploee #. It's most likely going to be Power but do keep us updated!
  10. People told me first day you start is when you get the pass.
  11. I wanted to get in there also, they asked me to come in Thursday but i asked if i could come in Friday. I think if i went Thursday i could've gotten E&E but damn. I start this Monday, there's going to be a class the next Monday and so on and so forth. The guy behind me in the line starts on July 1st. There's alot of spots so no worries.
  12. I called HR Department yesterday to see what I had to do to switch, they told me to come in and talk to Hiring Manager. So I went in and talked to the person who hired me, they said to talk to Michelle, she's incharge of all that. So I spoke to michelle and she said the only thing thats open right now is Power and sent me on my way home. Also, she was still making calls for people to come in so don't worry folks.
  13. Oh cool, Thank for the info! Much appreciated.
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