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  1. When did you take the written test for custodian? Did you have to interview as well?
  2. Nice! Did you have to take an exam? Let us know what the process is like. Thanks
  3. Staten island interview and Metro north were both panel interviews. I thought the staten island one went great but I was wrong. The metro north one wasnt bad but it was before a big snow storm and was kinda rushed. I feel like I could of answered the questions better. Thats awesome man, good luck! What position is your physical ability test for?
  4. Well I just got an email from staten island railway and it looks like I didnt get the job. Very depressing. Hopefully I'll hear back from Metro North for the custodial position one of these days. in the meantime I guess I'll keep applying 😩
  5. Thanks dude, yeah it would be a life changing experience for sure. Been trying for a long time to get into the MTA. Best of luck with the career! Keep us posted on how it goes.
  6. I wonder if I should give them a call and see if they're still considering me for employment. Maybe that will let them know I really want the job. I saw on my application status on the MTA website that I passed the screening results and pre-screening results.
  7. Damn, congrats dude! I had mine on thursday but never heard back. 🙁 Let us know what the pre-employment is like. Thanks Frank
  8. Did you take an exam for the position or just an interview?
  9. Did you take an exam for the position or just have an interview?
  10. Hey guys, I was looking over the applications I put in for the MTA and noticed that some say applied and some say passed pre screening. I'm looking at my application for track worker and it says I passed the pre screening and next to it says screening results passed. The passed screening results showed up after my interview and It's the only application that says I passed for both. Does this mean theres a good chance of being called? Thanks FRANK
  11. It was pretty straight foward. 3 panel interview. Asked questions about teamwork and safety stuff. Whens your interview?
  12. Sounds good, thanks @Gacerra1 !
  13. Professional references being supervisors and co-workers? I have a family friend who's in the MTA and another who just retired from the LIRR, should I put their names down?
  14. Thanks @CrazyD ! Yeah I interviewed with Metro North over 6 months ago and havent heard anything. I think starting pay for SIRTOA is $22.60 and goes up to 29 and change after 4 years. I'm re-writing my resume this week. Do you think it's a bad idea to list an off the books job? I worked off the books doing construction for a few months until I found the job where I'm at now. Any info helps Thanks!
  15. Did you get a call? They called me the other day to come in for an interview.

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