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  1. Professional references being supervisors and co-workers? I have a family friend who's in the MTA and another who just retired from the LIRR, should I put their names down?
  2. Thanks @CrazyD ! Yeah I interviewed with Metro North over 6 months ago and havent heard anything. I think starting pay for SIRTOA is $22.60 and goes up to 29 and change after 4 years. I'm re-writing my resume this week. Do you think it's a bad idea to list an off the books job? I worked off the books doing construction for a few months until I found the job where I'm at now. Any info helps Thanks!
  3. Did you get a call? They called me the other day to come in for an interview.
  4. Looks like they get paid $22.60 and a little over $29 an hour after 4 years. I think they have the same benefits as the MTA but I may be wrong.
  5. Gotcha, yeah I was suprised I got the call for an interview. Track worker seems like a good gig. Hope I get in. Thanks for the info!
  6. Yeah they called me and asked if I can come in for an interview. Its track worker in Staten Island.
  7. That's weird. They just called me for an interview but I never taken the exam.
  8. Did you have to take an exam?
  9. Congrats dude! What was the track worker interview like? What kind of questions do they ask? Thanks
  10. Almost a year since I applied. Has everyone else been waiting this long to hear something? Or do you know of anyone waiting at least a year to hear something back?
  11. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has heard anything back from Metro North. I was hoping i'd hear something in April but still nothing 🙁
  12. Yeah I heard about that. I'd go but sadly I'm not skilled at electrical work. Have you tested and interviewed for more than one position?
  13. Anyone know if the freeze is still on?

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