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  1. Yeah I heard about that. I'd go but sadly I'm not skilled at electrical work. Have you tested and interviewed for more than one position?
  2. Anyone know if the freeze is still on?
  3. So I called the number and spoke to someone who worked for the MTA. He said that Metro North doesnt tell people if they're still being considered for employment or the status of their application. They also wont inform anyone if they decide not to hire. He said the process takes awhile so who knows. I've heard of people waiting 6 months to a year and heard some people get hired right after interviews.
  4. Do you know metro north's contact number for recruiters? I tried looking into it but had no luck.
  5. Damn, it's been almost 5 months since my interview. Has anyone applied for any other positions like assistant conductor trainee? I've applied to at least 20 different jobs and only got called to test and interview for one.
  6. Would we be notified if we passed the interview or would it be in our application section of our MTA account? I see it says I passed pre-screening for a few of the jobs I applied for.
  7. Hello everyone who has interviewed with Metro North. Has anyone heard back or begun the physical abilities / drug test? If so how long after you interviewed did it take to hear back? Thanks!
  8. Yeah they might bring it up but then again I dont know. Everything seems to be hush hush with them. Good luck!
  9. Crazy D, pleaseee see if you can find out any info on the hiring freeze while you are there!
  10. Hello everyone, Wanted to see if anyone took the custodian exam 93905 for Metro North in August and if they are in the process of being hired yet. I know theres a hiring freeze but the turn over rate for custodians seems pretty high and they probably want to start hiring people soon. Has anyone heard any updates? Thanks Frank
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to watch that video after work. I guess custodians are non essential right now?
  12. Good luck on your interview @CrazyD let us know how it goes. I interviewed for custodian a while back. Hopefully I hear back.

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