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  1. Thanks for the info. I’m decent with hands on stuff but I’m so nervous about the paper to pen exams lol.
  2. Thanks for the luck - I’ll need it lol. And I’m in South Jamaica.
  3. I think you have to call DCAS; not sure how the process work but I’m pretty sure you have to contact them.
  4. Our classed really got cursed today 😒
  5. Same here. I was really bummed about that today. I was hoping to get B myself since I live in Queens. The trek to the BX ain’t gonna be fun. Guess I’ll be taking advantage of the free LIRR to Midtown since I live right by it.
  6. On my way to PS 248. Super nervous lol. Definitely feels like the first day of high school or college lol.
  7. Mary Jane is a 110% no-no with transit. Your drug test must be clean or you won't get the job. Even though it's "legal", you cannot smoke and be an employee as this job involves too much safety; they don't want people who are high to be in charge of movement of buses/trains. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it is what it is. As for medical hold, I suggest getting in contact with your doctor ASAP some he/she can write a note
  8. Medically finally cleared guys. FINALLY! Word to the wise: medical hold can be a nightmare.
  9. Pretty sure they’re in the mid 2800’s by now. I’d call (347) 643-8217 or email rtoemploymentoperations@nyct.com and ask. You’d probably get a quicker response by email as they don’t answer the phone that much. They seem to answer in the late afternoons though.
  10. I ended up getting the Hytest Electrical Hazard 13610’s. My homeboy says the caterpillars are pretty good but they’re all pretty much the same
  11. Yeah finally works for me too. Idk which ones I should get
  12. I am but I’m getting the paperwork from my doctor on Monday ASAP
  13. Stupid question - I got the paper yesterday to report to PS 248 but on the bottom is says "no backpacks or bags with wheels are allowed". I'm assuming this means that while bags and backpacks are allowed; they aren't allowed to have wheels. This doesn't mean that we are expected to show up with no bags right? Sorry for the silly question. I just don't wanna show up with a backpack and they're like "ummm you can't bring that in here".
  14. By the way has anyone tried logging into the shoe ordering site?

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