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  1. Yes, day 7 cover's everything that was thought to you from day 1.pre trip inspection, highway driving, street driving,straight backing, and parallel parking and a easy 19 a exam 20 question. but you must do well on day 6 to get a shot at day 7. but if you fellow the instructor teaching you will make it. alot of people with permits passed.
  2. Line training starts nxt week. I was in the 6/10 starting class. I qualified on day 7.day 8 and 9 we were at Jamaica depot learning the other bus, and waiting for the other guys who did not qualify on day 7. So nxt week we will pick a depot and start line training
  3. No not six digits. It's 187* if you are 11** for exam 7105 you should hv being call already
  4. mine was 187*** and people in my class had a little higher than mine
  5. (347) 643-8213 that's a good # as well. I would say keep calling, I remember they told me they are not at my list # yet back in march. then I call again in early may and some women over the phone told me they hv gone passed my list # so I should come in Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. So went in the Wednesday and finally I did the drug test. But I know there's a class on 6/24 because they told us in orientation. so keep calling and hopefully your in the nxt class after that.
  6. Keep calling them I went down to Livingston five times before I got through, they keep telling me hiring freeze, until one day I call again and they tell me to come in for drug test
  7. I qualified today. I was in the 6/10 class
  8. I have to do medical on Wednesday. did you get pass medical yet?
  9. I was 90 day's away from 3 years back in October of 2018.They gave me a paper slip to come back when am eligible. I went back in February and they told me about an hiring freeze. However I was there this week and I did the drug test so finally.
  10. IT'S best to show up and explain your situation.because at the bottom of the pre employment letter, it said "failure to respond will result in your name being remove from list."May I ask what is your exam # and a idea of your list #?
  11. Will do nxt time. they told me to call back in three weeks,so I'll see how that goes. I am hoping they are still hiring by then.
  12. Thank's for the info. really appreciate knowledge of the medical process. They call me 3/28 to report for processing on 4/2, when I got there they told me they are my list # 188* for exam 7105 and that I am close for processing but I am like 13 numbers away, something like that. I was so upset for them wasting my time again, I didn't even hear what the guy was saying clearly. Did anyone else had anything similar?
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