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  1. I’ve watched them but never been in one. Why he made one with you? Lol
  2. My birthday passed in October and in November I had a 19-A ride from the dispatcher in my depot. He told me he was doing that with me so I know it wasn’t my probie ride. When I had my probie ride on Tuesday the Supt introduced himself and said “this is your ride” I get making ada announcements a priority but having that be an automatic extension is bs!
  3. Yes I always drive extra slow on that bus and take my turns even slower. I still feel a little nervous at times with it but it’s more enjoyable than being in a local bus. One day in November when I got work on the express and I drove by the saks 5th Ave Christmas show I really had a moment where I couldn’t believe this was my job now! So cool!
  4. Love the express! So excited when I get to work it. Love driving that bus and in Manhattan. The tunnel still makes me a bit nervous but I really like it. Especially when half your trip is deadheading or when you get almost no passengers. Who doesn’t love getting paid to drive an empty bus?
  5. I am not a fan of the artic! Driving it on the B1 route isn’t really that bad but I’d rather be on a regular bus and a different route for that matter as the B1 is my least favorite line in ulmer park. I went about a month without driving an artic and I didn’t miss it. In other news I had my first ride from a superintendent today. My dispatcher tipped me off when I was pulling out and when the supt boarded my bus he introduced himself right away. Obviously I was driving safe and slow yet the Supt still told me I was driving a little too fast. When I asked him if I really did anything wrong he said no and eventually got off after a little while. He wound up riding another new driver from my class in my depot tonight as well. Keep an eye out if you haven’t gotten one already cause they are out there!
  6. Hey everybody hope those of you on the job are enjoying your new pick. I have to say I am always questioning my pay lately because when I hand in late slips I seem to not get anything from them? Can any of the veteran operators that off up some advice to us newbies speak on the pay structure and how sometimes being late doesn’t actually net you any more pay. Additionally I was wondering if those instances when your pay remains the same, does putting in the time with OTO automatically still give you that same extra time you earned regardless of what run you received it on? Thanks!
  7. I had one of those also one day when I was on report he had me drive around not in service
  8. Yeah I’m hoping he does the same. How did it go? What feedback did they give you?
  9. @Natalie I check here semi regularly still so I can see what’s going on with the other TA list that I’m on plus always good to keep in touch with other people going through probation also. Ulmer Park is close to home for me and I know from having to drive up to eastchester every day after qualifying that those long commute days can take a toll on you! I am nervous about that potential ticket but we shall see. Fingers crossed that I didn’t actually get one. I feel you on that wanting probation to be over already! I’m starting to get more comfortable in the seat but I always have that worry that something could go wrong and I’ll be in trouble or back at zerega or worse! Have you gotten a ride yet? A couple of people from your class in UP already got them and I’m trying to be on the lookout for getting one myself.
  10. Hey @Natalie I’m doing great at Ulmer Park. Been getting a good schedule lately on the extra list so I can’t complain. They even offered me to be off on Christmas which I didn’t expect for a newbie. I wound up working though.... Only issue is I think I may have gotten a red light ticket as I was pulling out of a bus stop on the B6 but hopefully not. The sun was bright from behind me so I couldn’t see too well How are you doing at Gun Hill? Staying there for next year?
  11. Yes I am on the extra list. When it was my turn to pick there were only 3 spots left in the depot so I just made it. I live on Staten Island so working close to home really makes life easier. What depot did you end up going to? As far as layoffs are concerned I am a little relieved that if we get laid off that we will have a chance to come back but I’ve heard it takes years. I am praying we don’t though but can’t let that distract us from getting through our probation.
  12. Hey Natalie, I am at ulmer park and I have had some operators during line training mention the name Natalie so I realized they were mentioning you! I am 2 weeks out of line training and loving it so far. Yes I am worried about getting laid off but it’s out of our hands now, I was just happy to be able to stay at UP when it came time to pick. How are you doing? You were able to transfer to the Bronx?
  13. Hey thanks I’m gonna send you a pm
  14. Thank you and cactus for the reply. What did the Supt correct you on? I feel like I’ve developed a bit of a heavy foot at times and I try to keep as close to my schedule as I can only cause my swings are so short now that I just want my chance to eat and use the bathroom before I get back on the bus.
  15. Did you have any issues throughout your probation? How did your observation rides go? Im 2 weeks fresh out of line training.
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