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  1. Surprised that the MTA didnt consider adding any new local routes. Theres some bus route proposals in the existing conditions report (e.x. Throgs Neck to Harlem) that could have potential.
  2. But wouldn't residents of Sections 5 lose subway connections to the and ( assuming that three legged transfers aren't allowed on the Bx23).
  3. i know, but skip stop service led to long wait times and a decrease of ridership on the Broadway - 7 Av line. skip stop service only reduced travel time by 2.5 - 3 minutes. although skip - stop service is cheaper, express tracks would be more beneficial in the long run. an express service (in this case, the ) would greatly reduce travel times for current (1) riders north of 96 St (1) (2) (3). Train frequencies north of Dyckman St (1) would increase along with express stations south of Dyckman St (1). just saying
  4. would stop at stations proposed above
  5. * Build express tracks on the Broadway - 7 Av from 96 St to Dyckman St (would run on express tracks serving these stations): Van Cortlandt Park - 242 St (all times) 238 St (all times) 231 St (all times) Marble Hill - 225 St (all times) 215 St (all times) 207 St (all times) Dyckman St ( all times, switches to local tracks and would transfer to proposed express tracks just south of this station) 168 St ( all times, transfer to ) 125 St (all times) 96 St (all times) 72 St (all times, transfer to if 10 Av subway is built) Times Sq (all times, transfer to (42 St shuttle) 34 St - Penn Station (all times) 14 St (all times, transfer to ) Chambers St (all times) WTC Cortlandt (all times, transfer to and PATH) Rector St (all times) South Ferry (all times, transfer to )
  6. * A Nostrand Av line to Gerritsen Beach and Sheepshead Bay ( will terminate at Avenue V in Gerritsen Beach, while the will terminate at Avenue W in Sheepshead Bay; seperates at Gerritsen Av) * Utica Av line to Flatbush Av ( would serve the line; would run on New Lots line at all times) * Hanover Sq station at Water St and Old Slip * In System transfer from Grand St to Bowery * Avenue C station (Av C and 14 St) * 10 Av station (10 Av and 41 St) * 1 Av station * 1 Av station * Turquoise that runs under 21 St in Queens (from 21 St - Queensbridge to Ditmars Steinway), 63 St Line (21 St - Queensbridge to 1 Av), and on SAS (55 St to Hanover) * In system transfer from Livonia Av to Junius St ( if Utica Av line is built) * Brooklyn extension of SAS (crosses under East River through proposed Remsen St tunnel) and will stop at the following stations: Red denotes express stations Green denotes local stations Remsen St (Turquoise and ) Borough Hall (Turquoise and ) (Transfer to ) * Connects to IND Culver line (replacing service on this line) Bergen St (, Turquoise and ) Carroll St ( ) Smith - 9 Sts ( ) 4 Av - 9 St ( ) (Transfer to ) 7 Av ( , Turquoise and ) 15 St - Prospect Park ( ) Fort Hamilton Pkwy ( ) Church Av ( , Turquoise and ) * terminates/originates here at all times; turquoise trains also terminate/originate here at all times except for rush hours in peak direction Ditmas Av 18 Av ( , turquoise during rush hours in peak direction) Avenue I Bay Pkwy Avenue N Avenue P Kings Hwy ( , turquoise during rush hours in peak direction) Avenue U Avenue X Neptune Av ( , turquoise during rush hours in peak direction) * rush hour peak direction turquoise trains terminate/ originate here
  7. What are your ideas for expansion of the NYC Subway? Here are mine: * A Second Avenue Subway extension to the Bronx going under 3rd Avenue up to Webster Av in Fordham ( would serve the line) * A branch of the Pelham line that runs under Lafayette Av to Throgs Neck (would turn south at E Tremont Av and terminate at Randall Av) (8) would serve the line * An extension up 10 Av to the Upper West Side (terminates at 72 Street w/ transfer to the ) * A line running under 23 St and Avenue C in Lower East Side; (8) would serve the line terminating at East Broadway w/ transfer to the i have more ideas ill post them later

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